Monday, August 11, 2014

We got our First Email From Elder Rasmussen!!

Friday, August 7, 2014 - The past 2 days have been difficult! I never knew it would be so hard to say good-bye for 2 years. So when I opened my inbox this afternoon and saw an email from Elder Rasmussen I just started to bawl! LOL I saw the mail from him in my inbox, I thought someone was playing tricks on me. I didn't expect him to get a P-Day until next week, so this was a *very* wonderful surprise! When I started reading the flood gates opened almost immediate...they were happy tears, I promise! He just sounds so happy! Enjoy!

Hey Mom and Dad and Hayley!
 I have been doing so good here!  Friday will be my Pday so thats when to expect emails. It was hard to leave on wednesday but ever since I got here i've been very comfortable. I have an awesome companion named Elder Adams from Spanish Fork. He's cool and easy to get along with. There are four people in the room we sleep in which is 2 less than most everyone else so were lucky! When I got here they held my hand through everything and directed me where to go every single step i made. This place is huge and all of the buildings look alike so Im just now figuring out how to orient myself. When I got here they gave me the nametag and key for the room and all of the language books ill be using to learn Hiligaynon. After that I put my stuff in the room and when to my first class for the language. Pretty much jumped right into it but it was pretty simple stuff. There are about 20-25 people in my branch learning Ilongo (hiligaynon) there are about half going to Iloilo and the other half going to Bacolod. So many missionaries here it looks like ants IDK how everyone fits in this place but it is a huge complex. Did that for about an hour then there was a devotional for all new missionaries that was pretty good. After that we went to dinner. The BEST PART ABOUT THE MTC other than the Spirit that you feel is the food in the cafeteria. The food is pretty good but the best part is that you can pig out as much as you want. Ive never eaten so much food these last few days in my entire life! Fried chicken and potatoes with peas for dinner and there was the BYU ice cream since it was wednesday. I love feeding time :) They also give us about 1.5 hours of Gym time everyday and Elder Adams likes to run so Im hoping I can get into shape. Hes a military guy so we do running, pushups, and situps at the same time haha.Yesterday was the longest day of my life but it wasnt too stressful. Language class again and a 3.5 hour meeting near the end of the day. It doesnt sound very enjoyable but It is such a spiritual place I'm able to make it through the meetings.  For the most part we do language stuff but there is a ton of gospel stuff too. The first day they did an investigator devotional type thing. I still havent figured out if the investigators were real or not but they were incredible actors. They acted like they were in home in from of about 60-70 missionaries and we asked them questions. There are a lot of times set apart during the day for studying. I figured that would suck so bad but having a good companion makes it not so bad. I know its only the third day but so far being here isnt as prisony as i thought it would be! :) I've been taking a lot of pictures but I forgot my cord for the camera so I might have to send them next friday but I will try and do it today if I can. I'm in the laundry room right now which is an absolutely gigantic room. I better let Elder Adams get on the computer :)  Talk to you next week Love you!
 Love Elder Michael Rasmussen

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