Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week #91 - “It’s Not A Race, It’s A Journey.”

May 16, 2016

 Hey Mom and Dad - 
This week was great and there have been a million things that have happened that I will try to remember. Last Tuesday I learned I was getting a new companion, Elder Andeo. He is from Bacolod and speaks only Ilonggo so he's my 3rd pure Ilonggo speaking companion from Bacolod. We also had 2 more missionaries who have moved in our house (now there are 6 of us) one of my batch mates, Elder Mudrow, who is one of my favorite people in the mission and Elder Billings who is a brand new missionary who is super cool too. Our house seems a little more cramped at times now, but that is a-o.k. with me! We have plenty of room and I'm really happy having them with us :)
Elder Andeo when I met him I found to be a super kind and friendly Elder from Bacolod. He is a really small little feller so it makes me look really big when we walk side by side. The work has just been going way better for us and I've been introducing him to all of the members and investigators we have since he got here. Everything is just so much better than last transfer so I couldn't be much happier than I am right now where I'm at as far as I'm concerned :) 

Today we got a chance to head out to Guimaras for the Manggahan (Mango Festival) and we ate a ton of mango that was just delicious. I ate 8 and could have eaten more but I didn't feel like getting sick. Some people ate around 15. While we were there I got to see some of the members from Buenavista that I love! So good to see them and I could speak to them with ease compared to how it was about 18 months ago! Mudrow and I really wanted to see Buenavista but it didn't work out but we're still happy to have gotten over across the ocean to Guimaras again.
They shortened our time again for email so I'm not sure how long it will be before every one starts to head out but that's about it for the week. 
Here's to answer your questions Mom0 !Love, Elder Rasmussen 

#1 - What made you laugh this week? Conversations in the house with everyone 
#2 - What was your best teaching moment? Teaching a lady named Micky about fasting./ 
#3 - Describe your companion in 3 words! Kind, Small, Ilonggo
#4 - Describe the Philippines in 3 words! Jeepneys, Air conditioning, friendly people
#5 - Describe your mission in 3 words! Testimony, challenge, fast. 

Week #90 - Happy Mother's Day

May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day To Me!!! I have missed this face! It was so awesome to get to Skype with our Elder tonight and to know that it's our FINAL Skype with him! He'll be home in 85 days!! But who's counting??

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #89 - "Pray With Our Eyes On God..."

May 2, 2016

Hi Mom and Dad!
Looks like you sure had a good time riding with the Seeds and Martinsons.  You guys are all so bundled up in coats! It's looks like it was really cold! I wish I was there to soak up that cold air!! haha

This was a long slow week that wasn't much different than the weeks before companionship wise. I'm hoping for a miracle that a transfer will happen this week for us but it may not be until next week so I'll just have to battle it out :) I don't have much to say about what's been going on but I'm ok and we're still working in our area so that's all that matters I guess.

One highlight of the week was going with Elder Talactac this last Tuesday working in my area and we had a blast! Nanay Ramos, another super nice lady in the ward, took us around to meet some members I had never been to before and she got us into their houses for which we are thankful because without her it wouldn't have happened! She is a very sweet lady! That is so nice that she sent you a note on Facebook. I felt really comfortable talking to people with Elder Talactac and we found some really cool people. We happened upon 2 of these college aged girls while we were walking down a road looking for a way to get back onto the main road. I feel like we were led right to them because they were in the middle of a very quiet neighborhood that I had never been to before and they just happened to be walking down the road and they wanted to talk to us.  They ended up being super friendly and kept asking really good questions about the gospel. Lots of things like that have happened in my mission that convinces me that missionaries are led to certain people and certain times!

The rest of the week was super slow (you know why) except for Sunday which I was actually nervous about because we went on a split again and I always worry about having appointments and places to go when members work with us. It ended up working out great though and it was a lot of fun working with them and of course a relief to be around other people. My confidence in leading was really brought out to view to myself which is good because I doubt myself sometimes. I had lots of great experiences that help me overcome my weaknesses even though sometimes it seems like the opposite!

I was able to do a little service this week for the local members.  At the church there was a lock on the gate that some little kids put a piece of plastic in so it was jammed and nobody was able to fix it for like 4 weeks.  I decided to spend some time working on yesterday and it took awhile but I was finally able to get the lock un-jammed and fixed it! I really enjoy doing little jobs like that! The leaders were so happy to have the gate open again, and I was happy I could help fix it for them.
Here's the answers to your questions Mom:
#1 - What made you laugh this week? Working with members and visiting some of the youth that made me laugh with the things they said. Elder Talactac cracked me up when I was working with him too. 
#2 - What was your most favorite teaching moment this week? teaching those 2 college girls about the BOM. They were way surprised when I told them a resurrected prophet showed Joseph smith where the plates were and that we would be resurrected too!
#3 - What lesson do you enjoy teaching the most? The Restoration. 
#4 - What are you doing for PDay today? Are you playing any sports? Not much. I will sometimes go running at the church. Today after emailing we will eat then later we have an FHE where we'll probably eat again!
#5 - Have you had any zone activities or district activity in Molo yet? Not yet. We may go to Guimaras in 2 weeks which I'm way excited for! I'll get to eat Mango and see my native land. 

Well, that's about this for this week. I thought of a couple things if you end up sending me another package. Please Send some pop tarts (whatever flavor) and can you send those taffy cookies we always got when we were camping? I've been thinking of those a lot lately! Thanks mom :) Love Michael

Week #88 - “It’s Better to Look Up.” President Thomas S. Monson

April 25, 2016
Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for the email and all the details of your week! It's nice to know what is going on and I enjoy your emails just like you enjoy mine :)  I want to do something nice for those 2 ladies as well they are 2 of the nicest people I have here. They never turn us down and always have a million things to tell us. They are very sweet ladies!

I hope you are enjoying your calling! It does sounds a little stressful, but you'll do great. I know how you feel about preparing for a lesson for so long but when the time comes you don't feel prepared haha. Little kids just need things to be taught super simply. You know that better than I do but I learned from Elder Mudrow when I went with him one time that the gospel really can be taught in a super simple way and still have huge impacts on kids and adults. Just keep things SUPER simple and make it fun and they wont forget what you said :) easier said than done haha sorry tha'ts all I got for ya ;)

This week was in a way better than the week before. On Tuesday my companion and I went on a split with the ZLs again so our investigator could be interviewed for baptism. I went with Elder Swanton again and the whole time we just talked and talked about dirt bikes and food back home. We have a lot in common that I never knew before. I gave him one of the cookies you sent me Mom0 and I haven't seen anyone that happy in a while! Nothing like a homemade cookie to brighten an Elder's day! Those cookies make me happy too I feel like I'm in heaven while i slowly eat them. Makes me miss and appreciate the USA and YOU so much.

When my companion came back with me he was acting very friendly and happy and I was very surprised! He was talking to me and it felt good to be talking again! Unfortunately it didn't last long though and he was back to his normal attitude towards me. <big sigh> Most of the week we visited less actives and taught Sister Charlene before her baptism on Saturday. The baptism went great and she bore a powerful testimony about her conversion to the Church and of Jesus Christ. 

On Sunday we went on a split with some members I went with R. again who loves to pester me while we work to buy him food and give him our phone haha I'm patient with him though because he's a friendly guy and we had fun working together. :)
I'm so happy I finally got over my stumbling block of not wanting to read books :) I love books and have fun reading every day. That is one of the best things that I've learned about myself while on my mission is that I love to study the scriptures! How did I not realize this before? 
By-the-way Mom! You faked me out again! I didn't realize there was cookies packed in the raisin box you sent! I figured there were raisins haha so I was really surprised to find cookies when I made my oatmeal this morning :) Thanks mom those cookies are sooooo good :) Well, that's about all for this week. Love you and miss you lots!!  Love Elder Rasmussen 

Week #87 - “Believe in God; believe that he is … ; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth.”

April 18, 2016
Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for your emails and for all the details and support you give me! I know how dad feels about being around noisy people haha I feel the same way being around people who talk a lot louder and faster than I do. 
That's just too bad about Grandma Elfriede. She has definitely earned a nice spot in heaven. 

Congratulations on your new calling Mom. You'll do great in the Primary Presidency. I don't have any suggestions for your Sharing Time...Just use pictures, give them candy, and they will love you! haha

This week things have basically still been the same with my companion and me.  He does not want to talk to me and that's that. I feel like it's all a big misunderstanding and I don't want to be negative about it so I'll just say I am trying to be patient and loving and asking for mercy from God as the days continue on haha

I went on a split this week with the zone leader Elder Swanton who used to be in this area and we had a ton of fun!  Elder Swanton is way funny and just a fun guy to work with. It was a nice change to talk and have fun.It really helped my otherwise dreary week with Elder Z. Swanton loves to eat food and we got fed that day 4 times and it was all really good food :) I even ate Oga (dried fish) for the
first time thanks to Elder Swanton putting pressure on me ha and it wasn't bad but Im not too much of a fan :) The people love to watch the foreigners eat their food :)

We found a few more people we can teach who are members of the church that are less active. One lady named Susie even came to church because of our visit and she fed us sprite and cookies which is always appreciated :) 

We are working hard at trying to find the members here in Molo which I believe will make our work a lot easier. There are like 400 members of the ward but only around 150 are going to church regularly so there are lots of people to find and strengthen up.

We will have a baptism this Saturday if everything goes alright. And then maybe 2 weeks from now we'll have another one that is getting re-baptised because her records never showed up in Utah so technically she has never been a member since she was baptized in the 70's.

I went on a split again with some members yesterday and it was a lot of fun. One of them named Rick is a funny guy and he's fun to work with and another guy named Marco who is another cool guy in our ward. They both want to serve missions so it was fun to work with them.

I got the package you sent mom thank you!! You are right about me knowing it was from you with the card that had the dog and cat on it :) Really looking forward to eating those cookies too thanks!

Here are the answers to your questions:
 #1 - What was your biggest success this week?  Working with the members yesterday was fun and successful.
#2 - What was your biggest challenge? The companionship problem right now but sometimes talking to people can be hard when we first go out. I just need to talk to one or two and that's gets things rolling and then the rest are easy. 
#3 - What made you laugh this week? Watching Rick destroy a plate of spaghetti and finish the rest of it off the table.

Thanks again Mom and Dad!
Love and miss you lots!
Elder Michael

Week #86 "Prayer is the Passport to Peace"

April 11, 2016

Hey Mom and Dad!

This week was super fast! A ton of different stuff happened so that's probably why. I taught the district meeting on Tuesday and it went well. We were in AC for the first time in my mission so my back wasn't wet like it usually is. 

I'm learning more about my companion and he is learning more about me. Our personalities aren't much of a match haha but we are doing good and hopefully our companionship will get better as time goes on. We have a few investigators but they all have issues but we are continuing to help them.

We had a cool experience last Friday. I went to DLC which was fun to see all of the missionaries but it was kind of a boring meeting. We came home and as my companion and I planned I feel like we has a disagreement over what we planned but nothing serious. It was kind of awkward as we went out because I was worried about where we would go since we didn't have an appointment at the time. I led and we walked into a neighborhood that I thought looked nice :) we walked straight to a house and I talked to this guy and he ended up being really nice and very interested in the restoration and about the church. He even said he was hoping for someone like us to come and help give him direction in his life. After that happened I was convinced we were led by the spirit to his house because it was a big neighborhood and we walked directly to his house not even knowing why. The rest of the day went great. 

On Sunday we went on a split with some members. I took 3 with me and they were fun to work with. Its always a confidence booster to lead the area and do well. We also have two new housemates this week that came in named Elder Dean who's from Utah and brand new in the mission and a Filipino Elder Named Talactac. It feels good to be the old missionary in the house because its the first time I've been around new missionaries since I was the new guy.

I ran at the church today and we ate at McDonald's for lunch. So that's about all the excitement I can report on this week!
Love and Miss you all! Love Elder Rasmussen