Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #87 - “Believe in God; believe that he is … ; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth.”

April 18, 2016
Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for your emails and for all the details and support you give me! I know how dad feels about being around noisy people haha I feel the same way being around people who talk a lot louder and faster than I do. 
That's just too bad about Grandma Elfriede. She has definitely earned a nice spot in heaven. 

Congratulations on your new calling Mom. You'll do great in the Primary Presidency. I don't have any suggestions for your Sharing Time...Just use pictures, give them candy, and they will love you! haha

This week things have basically still been the same with my companion and me.  He does not want to talk to me and that's that. I feel like it's all a big misunderstanding and I don't want to be negative about it so I'll just say I am trying to be patient and loving and asking for mercy from God as the days continue on haha

I went on a split this week with the zone leader Elder Swanton who used to be in this area and we had a ton of fun!  Elder Swanton is way funny and just a fun guy to work with. It was a nice change to talk and have fun.It really helped my otherwise dreary week with Elder Z. Swanton loves to eat food and we got fed that day 4 times and it was all really good food :) I even ate Oga (dried fish) for the
first time thanks to Elder Swanton putting pressure on me ha and it wasn't bad but Im not too much of a fan :) The people love to watch the foreigners eat their food :)

We found a few more people we can teach who are members of the church that are less active. One lady named Susie even came to church because of our visit and she fed us sprite and cookies which is always appreciated :) 

We are working hard at trying to find the members here in Molo which I believe will make our work a lot easier. There are like 400 members of the ward but only around 150 are going to church regularly so there are lots of people to find and strengthen up.

We will have a baptism this Saturday if everything goes alright. And then maybe 2 weeks from now we'll have another one that is getting re-baptised because her records never showed up in Utah so technically she has never been a member since she was baptized in the 70's.

I went on a split again with some members yesterday and it was a lot of fun. One of them named Rick is a funny guy and he's fun to work with and another guy named Marco who is another cool guy in our ward. They both want to serve missions so it was fun to work with them.

I got the package you sent mom thank you!! You are right about me knowing it was from you with the card that had the dog and cat on it :) Really looking forward to eating those cookies too thanks!

Here are the answers to your questions:
 #1 - What was your biggest success this week?  Working with the members yesterday was fun and successful.
#2 - What was your biggest challenge? The companionship problem right now but sometimes talking to people can be hard when we first go out. I just need to talk to one or two and that's gets things rolling and then the rest are easy. 
#3 - What made you laugh this week? Watching Rick destroy a plate of spaghetti and finish the rest of it off the table.

Thanks again Mom and Dad!
Love and miss you lots!
Elder Michael

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