Thursday, May 19, 2016

Week #91 - “It’s Not A Race, It’s A Journey.”

May 16, 2016

 Hey Mom and Dad - 
This week was great and there have been a million things that have happened that I will try to remember. Last Tuesday I learned I was getting a new companion, Elder Andeo. He is from Bacolod and speaks only Ilonggo so he's my 3rd pure Ilonggo speaking companion from Bacolod. We also had 2 more missionaries who have moved in our house (now there are 6 of us) one of my batch mates, Elder Mudrow, who is one of my favorite people in the mission and Elder Billings who is a brand new missionary who is super cool too. Our house seems a little more cramped at times now, but that is a-o.k. with me! We have plenty of room and I'm really happy having them with us :)
Elder Andeo when I met him I found to be a super kind and friendly Elder from Bacolod. He is a really small little feller so it makes me look really big when we walk side by side. The work has just been going way better for us and I've been introducing him to all of the members and investigators we have since he got here. Everything is just so much better than last transfer so I couldn't be much happier than I am right now where I'm at as far as I'm concerned :) 

Today we got a chance to head out to Guimaras for the Manggahan (Mango Festival) and we ate a ton of mango that was just delicious. I ate 8 and could have eaten more but I didn't feel like getting sick. Some people ate around 15. While we were there I got to see some of the members from Buenavista that I love! So good to see them and I could speak to them with ease compared to how it was about 18 months ago! Mudrow and I really wanted to see Buenavista but it didn't work out but we're still happy to have gotten over across the ocean to Guimaras again.
They shortened our time again for email so I'm not sure how long it will be before every one starts to head out but that's about it for the week. 
Here's to answer your questions Mom0 !Love, Elder Rasmussen 

#1 - What made you laugh this week? Conversations in the house with everyone 
#2 - What was your best teaching moment? Teaching a lady named Micky about fasting./ 
#3 - Describe your companion in 3 words! Kind, Small, Ilonggo
#4 - Describe the Philippines in 3 words! Jeepneys, Air conditioning, friendly people
#5 - Describe your mission in 3 words! Testimony, challenge, fast. 

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