Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week #92 - "Jesus Christ is My Savior and Redeemer"

May 23, 2016
Hey Mom! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you and Grandma and Grandpa! It sounds like a fun surprise for them. 
This week was a good and a fast one! The weeks we can tell are going so much faster now that everyone is happy in the house and the work is going well. Every night it has been hard to get to bed on time because we always end up talking and telling stories but that makes coming home each night something to look forward to if the day hasn't been as good as we hoped. in our area we have not many investigators but we've been finding members houses in places that I had never known before. This week Nanay Ramos worked with us a few times and she is always a big help because she knows most of the members which eliminates the awkwardness or shyness of peolpe around us. My companion and I are getting along so great. I love the guy we're pretty darn good buddies!

Whenever I try and think about what happened during the week on Mondays I cant remember anything so I'm sorry if this is boring.
This week was super hot but for the first time in a long time we got some rain and it has been an every day thing now which always makes me happy! I love the dark clouds, thunder, and lighting.
Today we played basketball and I realized how badly I need to practice. haha I suck at basketball. I just miss my motorcycle so much since I'm actually kind of good at that.
Here's the answers to your questions Mom:
 #1 - Tell me one thing that made you laugh this week. Telling stories in the house has been funny and there has been a lot of laughing!
#2 - What have you been studying? A book that Spencer W Kimball wrote. 
#3 - Are you still doing a lot of walking in the City? Is your area as big as your areas where you've been more rural? We are in the city so my other areas were bigger but this one has way more people. 
#4 - What was your favorite meal this week? Fried Chicken at a birthday party.
#5 - What do you do at church on Sundays? Do you just listen or do you ever have to teach or speak in Sacrament? We don't do anything special just the same thing the members do.
Love you all!

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