Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week #93 "God will guide your footsteps, if you are willing to move your feet"

May 30, 2016

Hi Mom and Dad - Glad to hear everything went great there for Grandma and Grandpa's party. I wish I could have been there! The weather looks like it was great!

I've been really happy the last few weeks with my companion and doing the work. This transfer has been so good with everyone in our house and none of the companionships have any problems we're all just way tight with each other its great!

This week it rained nearly every day. It was super hot in the morning and early afternoon and then around 4 we get some nice thunderstorms and that always makes me happy! 

All of the work we did this week was with less active members which is good but I sure miss have some investigators. I miss teaching them. We walked down a road I had never been down just looking to see where it went and we got to the end and talked to some people and I eventually asked them If they knew any Mormons and one pointed to a guy right behind us and said "yeah him". God lead us right to them he took us to his family who hadn't been visited by missionaries in 4 years and haven't been to church in 3. They were so happy to see us! I've had several experiences in my mission like that getting led straight to people who are waiting for us!

The house is never quiet anymore with the 6 of us we are always talking and  telling stories it has been so much fun. Our landlord has an AC unit he is going to give us which will make our house even more happy and studies will be a lot easier because its been so hot in the house. Elder Andeo is awesome we've been talking a lot while working and just having fun. Time has been going way fast!

Sorry I don't have anything more to tell you about! Time is flying by!

Love Elder Rasmussen

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