Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week #94 "If Ye Have A Desire To Serve, Ye Are Called To The Work" D&C 4:3

June 6, 2016

Soft Serve Ice Cream! What a Treat!
Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for your emails!
Well this week was a reall good and fast one and we did get lots done so I've been really happy. Most of our work has been working with the less active members.  We're still searching and hoping for some new investigators to teach, but in the meantime working with the members has been good.
There were a lot of weak sauce rain storms this week which only intensifies the heat adding humidity. A few highlights of the week were us working with members teaching the LA's and it has been helping us to find investigators, part member families who we can teach and hopefully baptize.
We are teaching Raina, a 19 year old girl who came to church for the second time on Sunday and she is super smart and very willing to learn.  There's another woman from the same house whose husband is a member and we are hoping to get them married and then baptize her at the same time but that will take a lot of work on their part so we're praying they'll make something happen. The Bishop (Bishop Sioatong) has been really willing to help us too which is great because we need it.

I went on a comp exchange with one of the elders in my district named Elder Dean. At first I was worried about having a good day and being able to find people to teach but it ended up being great and I was able to help Elder Dean with some of the things to do and say when talking and teaching to people. That is what makes being a (DL) District Leader so fun. I have 8 Elders in my District and I love teaching and working with them and it helps me learn as well.  I'm hoping to go with Elder Mudrow this week which will be way fun and then more the next weeks.
Time is moving that's for sure! People are coming home and it makes me feel a little anxious to get home but still way happy to be on my mission. Don't worry about me though I'm not wasting anybody's time out here in the next two months :) I'm going to push through till the end and make these last 2 months count!

Love ELder rasmussen

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