Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #88 - “It’s Better to Look Up.” President Thomas S. Monson

April 25, 2016
Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for the email and all the details of your week! It's nice to know what is going on and I enjoy your emails just like you enjoy mine :)  I want to do something nice for those 2 ladies as well they are 2 of the nicest people I have here. They never turn us down and always have a million things to tell us. They are very sweet ladies!

I hope you are enjoying your calling! It does sounds a little stressful, but you'll do great. I know how you feel about preparing for a lesson for so long but when the time comes you don't feel prepared haha. Little kids just need things to be taught super simply. You know that better than I do but I learned from Elder Mudrow when I went with him one time that the gospel really can be taught in a super simple way and still have huge impacts on kids and adults. Just keep things SUPER simple and make it fun and they wont forget what you said :) easier said than done haha sorry tha'ts all I got for ya ;)

This week was in a way better than the week before. On Tuesday my companion and I went on a split with the ZLs again so our investigator could be interviewed for baptism. I went with Elder Swanton again and the whole time we just talked and talked about dirt bikes and food back home. We have a lot in common that I never knew before. I gave him one of the cookies you sent me Mom0 and I haven't seen anyone that happy in a while! Nothing like a homemade cookie to brighten an Elder's day! Those cookies make me happy too I feel like I'm in heaven while i slowly eat them. Makes me miss and appreciate the USA and YOU so much.

When my companion came back with me he was acting very friendly and happy and I was very surprised! He was talking to me and it felt good to be talking again! Unfortunately it didn't last long though and he was back to his normal attitude towards me. <big sigh> Most of the week we visited less actives and taught Sister Charlene before her baptism on Saturday. The baptism went great and she bore a powerful testimony about her conversion to the Church and of Jesus Christ. 

On Sunday we went on a split with some members I went with R. again who loves to pester me while we work to buy him food and give him our phone haha I'm patient with him though because he's a friendly guy and we had fun working together. :)
I'm so happy I finally got over my stumbling block of not wanting to read books :) I love books and have fun reading every day. That is one of the best things that I've learned about myself while on my mission is that I love to study the scriptures! How did I not realize this before? 
By-the-way Mom! You faked me out again! I didn't realize there was cookies packed in the raisin box you sent! I figured there were raisins haha so I was really surprised to find cookies when I made my oatmeal this morning :) Thanks mom those cookies are sooooo good :) Well, that's about all for this week. Love you and miss you lots!!  Love Elder Rasmussen 

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