Friday, August 22, 2014

Week #2 in the MTC is Complete! And We Got Pictures!!

Kamusta Family! Thank you for sending the SD Card Reader Mom!! It works great! This email will be short as I sent a letter in the mail that has all of the details of my week. You should get it the first of next week! I don't have much time to write emails these days, so I figured the letter would be better.
This week was good, though I had a few rough days, but lots of great days!! I'm kind of starting to realize that I will be gone for 2 years and it's kind of weird.
I can't believe the rain you got a few days ago that's insane!! Thanks for the dear elders those are really nice to get and everyone gets excited when they get one! I'm learning more and more every day and really overall having a good time! BTW: Can you explain to me in a dear elder how to make pictures smaller so I can send all of my pictures in one email? I dont know how to do it on gmail. Thanks! I Love You! Michael

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