Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 29, 2014 - The end of week #3!

Sunday 8/24/14 Iloilo District With a few Bacolod Elders
Hey Mom and Dad! 

The pictures I sent last week were of all of the Iloilo guys! My district has only 8 people but there are like 12 going to Iloilo in September! The ones with just me and two other guys are my roommates who are going to Bacolod. And the other one is my comp and I.

I hope you are safe on your motorcycle trip to Yosemite Mom and Dad. It sounds like fun and I wish I could be there!
The MTC is starting to drive us nuts every now and then but we are still having fun. Only 2.5 more weeks and we get the heck out of here! We cannot wait to get to the Philippines!

We were able to do hosting for the new missionaries last this week which was pretty fun. There were about 450 new missionaries which is crazy and I got to host 6 of them. It was kind of funny to see all of the different reactions of them and their families! None of the missionaries that I helped shed a tear and neither did their parents. It was so interesting! Another family sang "bye bye bye" (N'Sync song) to their son and they were laughing and smiling like they were dropping him off for soccer practice! It was so funny. (Note from Mom: The 4 of us bawled like babies in a group hug when we left Michael at the MTC--what can I say? We Rasmussen's wear our hearts on our sleeves!)

My District also Ushered for the Tuesday devotional this week. We got to wear Usher tags so we felt like we had some intense authority :) haha

Things are still going well and even though we all have bad days every now and then, there are way more good days to compensate for it. After this next week we should be getting our flight plans to the Philippines which we are all excited for. The districts that have been here 3 weeks longer are leaving next week and they got theirs this week. We cant wait to get into the real deal! The language still kicks our butt lots of the time but we really are learning a lot! We have really good teachers--I can't say that enough! 

Well that's pretty much it for the details there probably wont be anything too exciting until the Philippines but Ill keep you filled in on anything!
Love you and be safe on your trip! :) And thanks for the Dear Elders Mom! 

Love, Michael
The sack lunch line at the MTC--you have to be dressed up to use the cafeteria so on P Day most of us choose to get a sack lunch and eat outside--but the line is always HUGE! There are so many people here!

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