Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14, 2014 - Small Typhoon and a Dirt Bike!

Hi Mom and Dad! Thank you for your emails and pictures! Looks like you had a really fun time on your motorcycle trip this weekend! 

We watched conference yesterday and I saw how the trees are changing colors there and that’s how it is in your pictures too. I miss Utah so much, but I get over myself more and more each day :)  

This week was really slow because of the "typhoon" that went through. It rained for a full two days almost non-stop and one of the days President Aquino told all of the missionaries to stay inside until the storm passed. We were in the house all day but I was able to get a lot of chores done, so it was no big deal. We were lucky and only lost power for like 10 min and never lost water. The sisters in the area lost their water for three days! AAAK! That would be terrible! 

I had the coolest thing happen this week after we taught this guy. He's a wealthier guy in the area with a really nice house and he has 5 motorcycles. After we finished teaching his family, he had his sons give us rides home and he offered to let me drive one of his dirt bikes! He did not have to ask me twice! It was just a cheap China 150, but I didn’t care I was riding a dirt bike again so I was overwhelmed with happiness ha-ha! 

I’m slowly figuring out better things to eat. I eat lots of vegetables and eggs. I made pancakes with bananas and apples in them for breakfast yesterday and they were so good! There is a lady that sells chorizo across the street from us, so I mix that in with eggs, eggplant, and brown rice. Creativity with the meals is really helping to find stuff to eat. I was really worried about food the first couple of weeks, but my companion loves to cook and doesn’t really like to eat out so we cook 95% of our meals. So that has really helped me get more comfortable with the food. 

It has been kind of a rough week and I wasn’t having very much fun. The language is hard, but my problem is not the language so much, as it is my same old problem that I have no idea what to say to people. I told the other Elders, "I have a hard enough time talking to people in English how the heck can I do it in Ilonggo!?" I know that slowly but surely it will get easier as I learn how other missionaries are able to do it. I remind myself that one of the biggest reasons I came on a mission was to learn how to talk to people. It will happen! 

We did have a really good lesson last night that was fun for me. We are teaching these 4 ladies and they’re really nice. We still haven’t gotten past the restoration yet, but we will the next time we go there.  

General Conference was really great to watch. This is sad, but I think it’s the first time I’ve actually sat down and watched all 5 sessions! :/ We watched it in the chapel in the town of "Jordan". There were a lot of people, and it was great to see them and how diligent they were in staying for most of conference. On Saturday, we ate at this cafe which I really didn’t like because Filipinos don’t care if their food is cold. They have fairly good food, but it’s always cold and it just ruins it!  I’ve been carrying PB&J sandwiches around which I think I’ll keep doing for a snack in the future days. On the way back from conference we piled 4 missionaries and another member plus the driver onto a trike! We had a 30 min ride back to Buenavista, but the trike got 2 flats on the way, so the driver got rid of us and we took a jeep the rest of the way. People just pile onto whatever transportation they can here, which I thought was crazy at first but now I’m getting used to it as I do it myself. :)  

To answer your questions we are teaching around 15 people through the week. We are always looking for more, but we have to go door to door, which is not my most favorite thing to do.

If you look on Google Earth you can see the area I’m in. It is Buenavista on Guimaras. Our road is Sinamay, but none of the streets are marked, so you probably won’t be able to see that.

The coolest thing I saw this week was a monkey! He was some guy’s pet chained up across the wall from the church. I got a few pictures I’ll send. I’m sorry I can’t send pictures this week. We are emailing from this internet café and it’s nothing special and apparently these computers have viruses, so I’ll have to wait until next week. I’ve got some really great pictures to send though and I’ll shoot some off to you as soon as I can.

The members here are really nice people. Not good singers (ha-ha) but they are very good church members.

There are a ton of stray dogs here. You’d hate it mom--it even bothers me. There are a lot of horrible things that goes on with animals here and it definitely brings out my soft side. I guess all those years of fostering dogs and helping you with the dog rescue really did rub off on me.

Don’t worry about sending me a flashlight. I have that lantern you bought me, which has been great inside the house, but I don’t carry it.  Elder Fogavai carries a flashlight with him, so I promise we are not trekking around through the dark. Ha-ha.

The drivers here are all over the place, but surprisingly I haven’t seen any accidents at all! It seems like they drive really fast, but in reality we only go about 30 MPH tops! Ha-ha. So be thankful for cars, freeways, and nice roads in Utah!

I think and pray about you daily and hope my family is happy!! I Love you! Michael

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