Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 - It's Not Mango Season!!

Doing My Laundry!
Hi Mom, Dad & Hayley! I'm doing well here and things are finally starting to fall into place. It's been hard adjusting to everything, but everyday it gets easier. I am learning so much and have realized how thankful I am for Utah and where we live! I am still adjusting to the Philippines but I really have improved over the last week. I have had a few emotional days.I miss my family to death but I'm having fewer and fewer of those days! This week we did many things and were able to teach quite a few people. Im still not able to say everything I wish I could say but I'm learning more and able to understand people when they speak.

I'll try and answer more of your questions.

Are you loving all the Mangos on Guimarras? It isn't Mango season right now and I'm so bummed!!  I did buy some at the market last week and I loved them. Apparently Mango season is in a few months so hopefully I'll still be here to eat lots. There are mango trees everywhere, but none with fruit :( Tons of banana trees too and they are growing now so that's good. I eat a ton of bananas.

How is doing your laundry in a bucket? Laundry isnt too bad I just wish it would dry faster. Always be thankful for having a washer and dryer. Ahh! We are so incredibly spoiled never forget that!! :)

What is a typical day like for you? We do studies in the morning for about 3 hours which goes by quick. Then eat lunch, and then head out about 1 to teach. My companion and I are still figuring out the area because we're both new here, so weve come home about 7 or 8 a few nights. We do one last planning session, and then go to bed! It probably sounds super boring to you, but there are lots of other little things that mix up the day and make it more interesting.

Have you been getting rained on a lot? Last monday was really the first rainstorm I experienced here. Surprisingly it hasnt been as rainy as I thought it would be, but it did rain a few times this week. We got soaked coming home from church yesterday! It started raining right when we left.

Are the Bugs awful? The mosquitoes have only been bad when it rains. Other than that not too bad! And the Mosquito spray you made me Mom works great!

Did you get to watch General Conference?  We won't watch conference until next week and it will be recorded. It should be in English since most people can understand English fairly well. It was Fast Sunday yesterday and that was kind of hard. Toward the end of the day I was weak and so hungry so I almost fell asleep in our last lesson!

What are you eating? I'm learning to cook a few new things like using lots of vegetables and I eat a lot of eggs and oatmeal which isnt too bad! We went to a bakery and had dinner a couple of days ago. Elder F and I both got the "2 person hamburger" which had like 2 pounds of Mayo on it with like turkey burger type meat. haha The mayo tasted weird - it was really sweet. I love the clean places and especially today we are in the City doing our monthly shopping so we will go to Mcdonalds so I'm pretty excited about that! The Market in Buena Vista is the most disgusting place on earth! I can't stand it! But that is where we get meat and vegetables sometimes. Its really not clean and smells horrible, so I am really careful what I buy. For shopping mostly its in Buenavista but today we will buy stuff here in the City (Iloilo) that you can't get there. We often have stores try to rip us off. They see they white guy and the Samoan and suddenly the prices go up. We get that all over the place. I can't wait to smite them with some Ilonggo when I learn the language!! But the people are really nice so if we turn to leave they usually will grab us and give us the normal price.

How do you find people to teach? Tell us about your favorite teaching moment this week:  We have done a lot of door to door because both Elder F and I are new in this area. I don't enjoy tracking door to door much. I feel like a salesman. We have a lot more people to teach now though so we shouldnt have to do that very much. We have mostly been teaching the first lesson, which is The Restoration. I havent really gone past that yet, but I should  this week because we have a few "progressing investigators". We don't teach in the middle of town because it's so noisy. Noise is a hard obstacle to get around. There is always loud music playing here--always! My favorite teaching moments were yesterday teaching these four ladies. They had a nice comfortable home and it was quiet and they listened really well to what we were teaching. The spirit was strong and I was able to say the things I wanted to say in Ilonggo. Elder F currently does most of the teaching, and I testify and pray a lot :) 

How are you adjusting to the climate? The humidity is weird. It has been hard always feeling like I'm wet. I hated it at first, but now I'm getting used to it. Its hard to dry clothes after you wash them. It usually takes about 2 days.

This should be around the time we email each week. Usually around 9 or 10 a.m. here,  so 7 or 8 p.m. your time. We go to Iloilo once a month on Pday (always on Mondays). I really am figuring things out quickly and getting a lot more comfortable here. I was so worried the first day. All 3 of the elders in my house have been here way longer than me, so I was so worried when they acted so normal about everything and I was freaking out trying to figure out why I'm in the middle of the jungle and how I'm going to do this! haha That was just the first 2 days though. I'm so much more comfortable now.

I want to tell you how much I miss doing the fun things at home like riding motorcycles, camping, fishing, hiking or whatever! I will never take those things for granted again! Please don't sell anything like the camper or bikes or boat or any of that stuff because I am telling you I will want to go camping for like 2 months straight when I get home! I miss those things so much. I was so spoiled at home.

As much as I miss you guys and home, I am having a great experience here and am so thankful to be learning the things I am learning. Teaching the gospel is so fun and when I get the language down I will be so much better at it! I really miss you so much and love you all tons!! Please be safe! Love, Michael

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