Monday, December 8, 2014

Week #19: Master The Tempest Is Raging….Peace Be Still….

December 8, 2014

Kamusta! Thanks for the emails Mom and Dad! Mom I wish you wouldn’t have prayed for the storm to weaken because it worked TOO well!! We were told to prepare for the "super typhoon" this week and we were expecting something really insane and powerful, but all that happened was a little drizzle!! Boring.. One really good thing about the storm though is that it has been very cloudy and the temperature is much cooler. Such a super nice break from the usual heat! I guess I’ll just have to wait for next year and see if a real rainstorm comes in.

Thank you for taking care of my truck so well. That truck cover is a very nice Christmas present. Thank you for thinking of it Dad!

I have a hard time thinking about snowmobiling and snowboarding without getting homesick, so I’m glad winter is sucking there! ;)  Haha

That is so cool that Elder and Sister Taylor were able to meet you while they were in Tooele visiting! I’m so glad Sister Taylor contacted you - I was really hoping they would! They are an extremely nice couple and I miss seeing them each week. So cool they were with me here on Guimaras and now they were there with you!

This week had its ups and downs for sure, but overall it went by very quick as always. Monday I spent 3100 pesos on food, which is a lot, but I got a ton of food for the month. Tuesday on the way to district meeting I talked to a guy on the jeep on his way to work and I was feeling really "sagad" in the language because I had a very good conversation with him! I like to talk to people about the NBA because basketball is their favorite sport here so lots of people know about the Utah Jazz. It’s a good conversation starter :)

The big news is I finally got my packages!!! Thank you so much for sending all the stuff! I have a stash of treats that I will slowly break away at over the weeks.

This week we also went to our baptismal candidate’s house and I saw a motorcycle with 5 people on it, all adults! CRAZY!! That’s the Philippines for ya! The jeep we rode was packed like a sardine can, so I had to sit on the top to ride, which we aren’t supposed to do unless there is no other way, and there was no other way! It’s amazing how many Filipinos you can put in one jeep! We were unable to get a ride back so we had to walk back and after walking about 4 miles we were finally able to get a dump truck to stop and we rode with them on the way back to town. They were very nice and the dude even got out of the front seat into the back so we could sit up front!

Another cool experience I had this week is I met an Elder who was on the island back in 2010. He was here visiting some members and his name was Gowey. It was really weird to see someone from America and an RM with a beard and long hair. He was here for a school speech or something.

Friday was a hard day. I woke up homesick and felt kind of depressed but we went and did a baptismal interview and things got better. Every now and then I start really wondering why the heck I’m here and if I’m ever going to really be able to make a difference here. Thankfully the negative feelings pass, and I get back to work and I’ll have another cool experience that will build my confidence again.  At some point I will understand why the Lord sent me to the Philippines. Until then I will keep working hard and have faith that the language will get easier for me.

We had a cool experience where this trike driver talked to us and straight up asked us if he could come back to church. Well of course you can! Then another lady started talking to us about the church right after that, so we were feeling very guided by the spirit and that God really does prepare people for us! :)

Yesterday was Fast Sunday, and you know how hard it is for me. I get a little grumpy with no food. Haha.  Then the Elders got the assignment to bring the ice cream to the Christmas Party. Ice cream is really expensive here. It was the most expensive thing on the list! So that got me a little more grumpy. IDK they think the Elders are rich or something but we really arent! lol  But I’m really looking forward to the Christmas party—it  will be fun.  Another funny story - Pres. Fernandez the Branch president,  came to church in his work uniform yesterday and he was bearing his testimony with his gun stuck in the back of his pants haha it was kind of funny. He is a really good man! Elder F. and I blessed the sacrament in Hiligaynon yesterday as well. It was so cool to feel the same spirit even in a different language.

Well, that was pretty much the week! I'm running short on time and will try and send pics next week. I don't think today it is going to work. :(  I love you tons! The church is true! Love, Michael  

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