Monday, December 22, 2014

Week #21 The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud For All To Hear!!

December 22, 2014

Guimaras Zone
Hi Mom and Dad!  Here it is Monday again!  I can't believe how fast time flies. There is a point in the middle of the week where time comes to a standstill, but then it picks up again and the next thing I know I'm emailing home again! I’m feeling ok, so don't worry about me. I have been a little homesick and I do miss being home for Christmas. I'm especially missing your Christmas treats you make each year Mom. Just knowing you are making all that candy and taking them out to the neighbors makes my mouth water! Let's just say I'm looking forward to January getting here. The Filipinos start celebrating Christmas in September! The old guy that lives next door blasts Christmas music every morning starting at like 6 a.m. It is so annoying! He plays “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “Blue Christmas” and stuff like that over and over again, so you can imagine how that makes me feel. The mornings here are very loud in our neighborhood everyone just blasts music and there are dogs barking, motorcycles zooming by, kids crying...haha. All- in- all, it’s a fun day! :) It’s not too bad though and I’ve gotten used to it I guess.
This week I had a lot of change happen because it was transfer week. I finally finished my 12 week training program! Elder Fogavai transferred to Aklan, and I stayed on Guimaras, which I’m pretty happy about since I really like the area and I hear our house is pretty nice compared to others in the mission.  So I got a new companion. His name is Elder Dacutan. He is a Filipino from Bacolod City, so he's really far from home (HAHA NOT! I’ve seen Bacolod from the East side of Guimaras of few times!) He is super organized and focused on the work, which I really like. I’ve learned a lot just from the last few days of being with him. He eats rice for every meal—and I mean *every* meal haha but he will teach me to cook Filipino foods, so that will be cool. So our zone (Guimaras zone) is pretty much all new now except me and 2 others. We got some new missionaries and it feels great to be one of the "older” missionaries, even if it’s just by 2 transfers! haha.
We had the Buenavista Branch Christmas party on Wednesday and also on Saturday we were in Jordan for a baptismal interview so we got to stay for that party as well! The Filipino people love to party! They will party for hours and hours! The Filipinos will play a lot of games and there is a lot of participation with all the skits and stuff. Everyone really gets into it! It is very different from the Ward parties I'm used to back home where we just eat, talk, listen to a few songs then head home! HAHA

Partying Branch Members

The Buffet

She is crying...but not because of me! HAHA She wanted her picture taken
Slaying some fish!

Last Monday Elder Fogavai and I went fishing and we actually caught a few! I couldn’t believe it! Sure they weren’t big or anything but we still caught fish so it was fun ;) I tried to hold them out in front of me to make them look as big as possible haha.. 

Question from Mom: Did you learn anything new this week? It really sucks sometimes to go out to work in the afternoon, because it is so hot, but I’ve learned that if I just put my shoulder to the wheel and work hard until the day is over, I don’t notice the heat as much.

Question from Mom: What made you laugh this week?: Elder Kruegar and I sang "America the Beautiful" at the Jordan Branch Christmas party. SOOOO not a Christmas song and no one got the joke, but they laughed a little when they heard the word "America" and that cracked me up.

Question from Mom: Do you have any blisters from all the walking you are doing?  My feet are ok, no bad blisters or anything. We didn’t have to walk too far this week, but generally we walk a ton.

Question from Mom: Did you eat the fish you caught?:  We just gave the fish to some members because we didn’t have any time to cook them.

Halo Halo
Question from Mom: Have you tried Halo Halo? (Filipino dessert of shaved ice, evaporated milk, boiled sweet beans, jello and fruits) or how about bagoong (shrimp paste): I haven’t tried halo halo. It looks pretty good, but I haven’t wanted to dump any money on it. I haven’t eaten the shrimp paste crap either, it is disgusting looking and smells more disgusting than it looks! haha I really haven’t eaten any weird foods yet. A lot of missionaries get a kick out of eating the crazy different foods (balut anyone?) but I just don’t have the desire. I don't want to get sick! LOL
I will try and email you again later this week to let you know about skyping. They will tell us what to do tomorrow but it’s supposed to be on Friday here, so it will be Christmas Day for you.
Love you lots! Elder Rasmussen

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