Monday, March 9, 2015

Week #32 "The Lord Looketh Upon The Heart"

March 9, 2015
Hi Mom and Dad - Kamusta!
Thanks for sending me pictures Dad. I love seeing pictures from home. Even if you aren't doing anything exciting, I just love seeing them, so please keep them coming! Thank you both of you for your emails! Sounds like you all are having fun getting Granny moved into her new house. I wish I could beam myself in for a day so I could be there to help. I hope things go well and you'll be able to get her living comfortably very soon.
B-Ball with the Passi and Calinog Elders

This week went by unbelievably fast! It's weird how quickly Sunday comes and then Monday again and here I am emailing home again!

My P-Days lately are spent just doing laundry, shopping, cleaning house, and getting my stuff organized, and then I try to relax. There is not a whole lot of time to do anything too adventurous around here unless you get up extra early. We do get together with the Calinog Elders occasionally and play basketball, and that's always fun.
Elder Crooks and Elder Rasmussen
This week we had zone conference on Tuesday.  I had to give a training on "helping new and less active members with the ward council" haha  felt like I was pretty comfortable doing even though I never feel like I should be the one training *anyone* when I sometimes feel like I don't really know very much. I feel like I have really overcome the fear of getting in front of people pretty easily, but I'm not as confident in my knowledge, so I'm continuing to study as much as I can. Of course it was weird to say goodbye to the old missionaries who are going home this week. Transfers are this coming Thursday and it is looking like I might be training a new missionary but you never know until the last minute, so I guess we will see!  I am so ready though! I've been wanting to train for the last few transfers.
Saturday we rode a bus up to a member's house who lives a little ways out of town and ate lunch at their house. They are super nice people. During tracting (which I've actually had a lot fun with lately!) we met a few old guys (Tatays) who never fail to put a smile on my face. One is super willing to learn and totally accepts everything we teach him. When he prays he says "thank you Lord for sending these messengers to teach me the truth" haha Isn't that awesome? He's a way nice guy.
The other Tatay we visit just cracks us up because he's just a goofy, funny, old guy. I have really enjoyed teaching him. When we got to his house for our appointment he was passed out on the bench haha he was a little drunk. So we taught his sons and eventually he woke up and joined in the lesson. haha such a super nice guy.
As far as the language goes I feel ok sometimes and other times I just suck. haha But over all I feel pretty confident. I don't understand everything but I understand enough to get me by. I know it will continue to keep getting easier, so I try not to let the bad days frustrate me too much.
Here's the answers to your questions this week Mom:
**What made you laugh this week? Teaching the two tatays (old guys) I told you about. They're awesome--really, they are the kind of investigators you really appreciate finding because they really boost you up.
**Have you had any service opportunities lately? We have not done any service lately I havent had the opportunity in a long time :/ but once I get a new companion I will be looking actively for them since service is my favorite.
**What was your favorite teaching moment this week? Teaching a young couple we've been visiting lately. They're really nice to be around and very willing to learn.
**Did you try anything new this week? I finally ate a fresh pineapple and am wishing I would have started eating them 6 weeks ago!! They are way good!! and super cheap at only 30 pesos each (about 68 cents) so I'm going to eat a lot of them! haha So be very jealous Mom! I wish I could send you some, they are so good!
A beautiful Passi Sunset

Have a great week! I love you and pray for you all everyday.
Love Elder Rasmussen

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