Monday, March 2, 2015

Week #31 - Anyone Can Be Cool...But Awesome Takes Practice!

Hello Mom and Dad! Glad you are ok Mom jeez you crazy lady!! I'm going to start calling you Evil Kinevil. Be careful will you?! I expect you to be alive when I get home!! :) 

Glad things are going good though with everything else. Thats awesome Hayley got a scholarship! Thanks for sending all of the pictures too. I miss seeing those beautiful Utah mountains.
This week was extremely hot and miserable which I know probably sounds weird to you, but it's totally normal for here because it is Summer right now in the Philippines. It feels like heaven to walk into the mall here and just soak up the Aircon but then when you walk back outside its hot as hades again!! haha So I appreciate any A/C I can get :) The computer shop we use each week has A/C so I always get the computer right next to the cold air and I'm usually freezing cold by the time I walk out of here. :)
I went on a split with one of my housemates named Elder Gomez last Wednesday which was fun. Its fun to work with different people and learn from their strengths. Elder Gomez is really good at speaking English so we always feel like he's just another American, but he's 100% pinoy.  We had a good day of work and it ended up being really fun. We also taught this interesting dude that we've been visiting for the past month. We were teaching him about the Plan of Salvation and he likes to throw Bible verses at us and justify his ideas with some really ridiculous stuff haha and sure enough when we told him God has a perfect body of flesh and bones, he didn't believe that not one bit! ha! So we'll see where things go with him.
I write things in my planner each week about what to email you on the next "P" Day and last week on one of the days I wrote "Mom and Dad I miss you" so I want you to know I miss you both so much!
Birthday Party!!
We went to a birthday party of one of the members on Saturday and there was lots of food and even a cake which was pretty decent. On the way back they gave us a ride on their trike and of course we all piled on it and I got a crappy seat sitting on the metal bar on top, and I kept trying to get comfortable and ended up ripping the stupid rubber top. Sso now I will have to pay for a new one for them which I'm hoping won't be too expensive. I felt pretty stupid, but it was an accident so I guess things just happen that way sometimes.

Elder Gomez, Elder Meneses, Elder Crooks and Elder Rasmussen
That's pretty much how the week went! I got to thinking and it has almost been a year since I got my mission call. can you believe it? Time is just flying!

Thanks for all your emails, love and support! Love you lots!!
Elder Michael

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