Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week #30 - "Search Inward, Reach Outward, Look Heavenward"

February 23, 2015
Hey Mom and Dad!!!
Thanks for the emails. I can't believe the change that is happening back at home that place is going to look so weird in 18 months! Thanks for the pictures Dad. The basement looks awesome. I sure wish I was there to to help you with it.
Wow! There's a lot going on..
I had a good birthday last week. Even though my birthday doesn't really mean much to me anymore, I made sure that I just relaxed and I ate a little bit of the junk food you sent me. We ended up having FHE [Family Home Evening] at a member's house so we got a good dinner and got to be around some very nice people. So it turned out to be a really nice birthday for me.

This week we weren't able to do much in the way of real missionary work because we had a meeting with President Aquino on Friday and then Stake Conference in Iloilo yesterday. We met some really cool new people who we will continue to keep teaching because they said we could :) I feel way more comfortable talking with random people now. I have totally noticed the change in myself just in this transfer and my teaching and talking skills have really improved! 

Like I said, on Friday we went to Iloilo to meet with President and Sister Aquino. Our Mission President is a way cool guy!  I just love him! They had the missionaries cook the lunch so we had to bring 4 kilos of beef with us and then we cooked it while we were there. I ate a ton of beef which I haven't been able to eat a whole lot of lately :) So it was a nice change from chicken and fish. The food was good even though it was way salty and oily, which isn't very good for you, but oh well, what the heck. On the way home we watched a movie on the bus back to Passi that was really violent about WW II. They play some really weird movies on the bus sometimes.

Stake Conference yesterday was fun. We had to get up at 5 a.m. and be at the church at 6 for the Jeep. There were about 35 of us total in one jeep but we all got in because that's how they do it in the Philippines haha The ride was a little uncomfortable but I guess I'm getting used to having to crouch the whole time while riding in the Jeeps. They are not made for tall people that's for sure. There was a ton of people in Stake conference I kind of felt like I was in Utah again because the church was so big! 

After Stake Conference we rode a crowded Jeepney back to Passi. We would normally have gone back out to teach after we got home, but my companion wasn't feeling very well so we just stayed home. I spent the time reading and studying the scriptures, which I'm finding that I really enjoy. Before my mission I never really had an easy time reading the scriptures, so it's good to know that I'm getting better at learning and understanding the scriptures better myself.

So that was basically the week! I haven't been able to eat the sugar cane yet, but there's a ton of it here so I'll try it out this week. Hundreds of dump trucks just drive up and down the highway packed full of it so there's lots of scraps laying on the roads. There is also a lot of pineapple but I havent tried it yet either. I'll try both of those this week and report back! 

Here's answers to your weekly questions Mom:

What made you laugh this week? This little kid holding a stick with meat on it walked up to me and said "Ginakaon ko and tao, aswang ako." haha he said he was eating people and that he's a monster haha kinda creepy but it was funny. 
What was your biggest success this week?  Finding new people and having them let us come back :)
What was your biggest concern? Every one in the house is sick except me so hope I dont get sick.
What was your favorite day? Yesterday was fun going to Stake Conference with the members. 
Who was your favorite person to teach this week? A less active member. The Defacto family. They are way nice.
Did you eat anything new this week? Nope just the regular.
Love you
Love Elder Michael

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