Monday, February 2, 2015

Week #27 You say goodbye and I say hello. . .

Hello Mom and Dad! Thanks as usual for the emails. Lots happened back at home this last week it looks like! Mom that bike looks great! I'm pretty jealous I'm not there to give her a spin!! And I can't believe those gas prices--that is just ridiculous! This morning we played basketball with our District which was fun I guess. I just wish I was a better basketball player! haha

So I figured you were probably dying to know what happened this week in the Iloilo Mission :) I did end up getting transferred. I'm excited about being in my new area, but I will really miss the members in Buenavista. It was a little sad to leave them and say goodbye. One of the younger members that we have always worked with a lot "Tata" Gallo got all teary eyed when I told her I was transferring, which I wasn't expecting. It was sad. We took her out with us to work one more time and she gave me a picture of me and her family in a picture frame, so that was really sweet. Another man I've been teaching watched me walk away from his house for the last time like a puppy dog tied to a chain haha It was a little hard to leave him and his family too! There are some really cool people that I got to meet on Guimaras and I will miss them. It was such a great first area for me to teach in.

My new area: A view of Passi City By Air
Passi City and Jalaur River
So about the transfer :) On Thursday I took the pump boat over from Guimaras to Iloilo for probably the last time ever. When I walked into the mission home the first guy I talked to was Elder Meneses. He walked up to me and told me he's my new companion. He's a way cool guy and I really like him! He's Filipino and he's super good at speaking and teaching so I will learn a ton from him about how to become better at talking to people. I got transferred to Passi A in Passi city which is located in the heart of Panay. We rode a bus 2 hours North of Iloilo to get here.  My new house is actually a pretty nice house, so I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. But no more hot showers or flushing toilet. But I knew I was pretty lucky to have those before. The shower is an actual working shower, just no hot water and not much water pressure.  The toilet is a flushing toilet, but it is broken so you have to pour a bucket of water down it to flush it. I think I can fix the toilet and get it working properly. I'm now the second oldest in our house. There are four of us with 1 new missionary and the other one is a transfer behind me. Elder Meneses has been out 18 months. The area is great and I'm getting used to being back in a larger city. The members here love the missionaries so yesterday I felt super welcomed at church. We also have some cool investigators and are finding more and more people to teach each day  because of Elder Meneses' incredible tracting skills. I'm so jealous of his talent! haha But he's going to help me a lot. Another awesome thing about the city is that it has a nice, big, CLEAN grocery store, so that will make buying food easier. I'm really looking forward to the things I will learn in this area.  I also have Elder Cuillard in my district now so I finally get to be with someone from my "batch". I have a few pictures I will upload, and I will take more next week!

Elder Meneses

Crazy sugar cane factory behind me

Cemetery outside Passi City
Weekly Questions: 

What has been your biggest concern? Will I ever get good at tracting? BIG SIGH....
What has been your biggest success? All of the members say I'm good at the language ;) so that helps give me a boost of confidence.
Who has been your favorite person this week? I have met so many nice people here--I couldn't choose just one. 
What has been your most significant "Feel Good" moment? So the other day we were teaching a lady and I said to her  "we all want our families to be happy, and the gospel can help us do that" and she was very touched as she told us about her family and she started to cry. It was a really good example of how the spirit teaches.  
What are you looking forward to this coming week? Zone meeting tomorrow 
Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week? Just all of the Book of Mormon. That book is just awesome.

About all the motorcycle jersey's you talked about Dad, tons of people wear them here because they are way cheap, and with all the millions of motorcycles here there are tons of dealerships all over.

Sure do miss you and pray for you every day. My Mission is going great and I'm really enjoying it! Things that used to totally stress me out are easy for me now, so I know that through time things will continue to get easier for me as I do them everyday. Love you all a ton!! Elder Michael

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