Monday, January 26, 2015

Week #26 When It Rains Look For Rainbows

Kamusta Mom and Dad! Thanks for the emails as usual! I'm jealous you got to go ice fishing Dad! I can't believe how many fish you caught! Man I miss Ice fishing! I'm glad I'm not missing out on any really good snowmobiling weather! haha hopefully the winter I'll be home will be cold and really snowy :) I *really* miss the snow! It's amazing how much you appreciate snow and cold when all you have everyday, day after day, is hot and humid! haha 
This week has been a good week and went by super quick. I forgot to write down the things we did in my planner so I'll have to do my best to remember the good stuff. We had another baptism on Saturday. A girl named Ruby who we've been teaching for 5 weeks. It was cool to hear her testimony afterwards. I was the one who confirmed her in church yesterday, and that was really a nice experience.

I spent some time with Elder Krueger this week and we had a lot of fun. I generally hate tracting, but if I just go and do it with a good attitude, then things usually end up working out and it turns out being fun. We were walking along the highway and it started raining really hard.  There were 3 people in a welding shop that saw us and they invited us in under the garage to get out of the rain. They were very nice and asked us many questions about where we are from, and what the heck a couple of white dudes in shirts and ties are doing here! haha  Most people here have heard of the Mormons but they have no idea what we're even here for so it's always good for a conversation starter. We ended up teaching them a little lesson and got a return appointment so it was a pretty successful rain storm for us!
Yesterday was a fun day. Last sunday you may remember that we got a referral from this lady (the one who cares for the other 90 year old lady we taught) for her daughter who lives down our road towards the ocean.  We have visited her a few times including yesterday. She is very devoted to her church she said, but she is super nice and very willing to listen to us. We spent like 30 min talking about the Book of Mormon and answering all her questions. She has a lot of really great questions and it was such a cool experience to visit with her!  And what is even more amazing is that she told me she works online for a guy who lives in Sandy, Utah, whose last name is Rasmussen! How crazy is that?
So that's pretty much all that happened this week that I can think of right now :) This morning we did a lot of cleaning in our house which is great. I love to have a clean house again. Not sure what else we'll do today.
Oh yah!! I finally got my Christmas packages this week so thank you very much for all the stuff you sent! If I end up getting transferred this week it will be a little difficult to carry everything so they came at the wrong time but oh well. I'll do the best I can! Thank you for the stuff you sent! I love it! Especially all the granola bars and snacks and the pillow cooler.
Here's the answers to your weekly questions Mom:
#1 What meal do you most often cook for yourself? Lots of pasta, tuna fish. stuff like that.
#2 Does the branch sing hymns in english or Ilonggo? All in english. No piano so they lose the tempo and beat a lot haha
#3 Are you able to find milk to drink? Is there a food you can't find there that you miss? They have milk, but it isn't the same. That's what I miss the most is dairy! I'll come up with a list of the other stuff I can't get for next weeks email :) 
#4 Do you see horses there? I haven't seen one horse here I dont think. But there are lots of skinny cows and carabao (water buffalo). Love you lots Mom and Dad and Hayley.  Elder Michael

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