Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week #23 Serve Him with all your heart, might, mind and strength. . .

Jan 5, 2015
Hi Mom and Dad!  You are both so right--this week went by quick but on the other hand it seems like forever since I emailed last. We are in Iloilo today. Thank you for your emails and the thoughts and prayers :) I was actually able to get some good sleep on New Years Eve! I just put ear plugs in and slept like a baby. The two Filipino Elders stayed up til twelve but Elder Kruegar and I were fast asleep by then haha. I missed home so much on New Years Eve, but its over now and I'm doing much better because we've had some awesome experiences our last few days. It has rained a lot this week too, so the work has been easier because its been cooler, which you know I appreciate!

So this week was very good even though it seemed to take forever sometimes. On Tuesday we got rained out from our district meeting, but we didn't know it was cancelled until we were about a mile down the street. So we got all wet and just walked back home.

On Thursday New Years Day, we had the Gallo family (Branch Members) feed us a great lunch and they of course treated us like kings. They are so nice! They had some great food and there was plenty to eat! Maybe I'm starting to put some weight back on?

I'm getting better and better at the language and I have felt very confident lately. It's such an awesome feeling! On Friday we went tracting, which you know I dread...but I saw 3 people in front of a store and I could tell they were saying things about the "Cano" (white guy) walking around so I walked right up to them and talked with them. They were very surprised when I started speaking Ilonggo to them and we ended up having a great conversation! :) I really am getting way better at tracting and now that I'm getting better at speaking the language I'm really starting to have fun with it.

Yesterday we went on splits with the young men in the Branch. I took 2 with me and Elder D took 3 with him. I ended up having a lot of fun and things went very well! It's amazing how much easier it is for me to get a word in with people when I'm the only one that really does any of the talking! haha I wasn't too sure about my leading skills either but turns out I can do a lot more than I gave myself credit for :)

Today on the boat over to Iloilo, I sat next to a guy who was reading the Bible and at first I was scared to say anything to him, but I knew I shouldn't pass up such a great opportunity, so I started talking with him and he was the nicest guy in the world! I gave him a Book of Mormon, and sure enough he kept talking to us! And we even sat with him in the Jeepney on the way to the mall and before he left us he gave us his phone number and asked us to contact him--which almost never happens! I'm so glad I decided to be brave and start talking with him and not miss that opportunity. So how cool is that?

So today like I said we are in Iloilo to do our shopping and we are going to the Atrium mall so I can get some good ol American food! Then we'll head to SM to get everything else we need and eat lunch with our zone.

I'm way jealous that I'm missing out on winter and snowboarding and everything right now, but like you said I'll get to do all that in the future (at least I better!!) Make sure and keep up with your exercise Mom and Dad so you will be in good shape to do lots of riding/hiking/snowboarding when I get home! haha:) I'm going to wear you out! 

I can't wait to see more pictures as the basement progresses so keep sending me some good pictures. It's going to be so awesome when you get it finished.

Here are the questions you asked this week Mom: 
What made you laugh this week? Some of the Filipinos act so tough and yell at me "joe" when we are walking by, but then they crawl right back into their shell when I walk up to them and start talking to them in Ilonggo :) That's become my new favorite thing to do lately!
What was your favorite meal this week? New Years Day feast with the Gallo Family. We had some really good chicken and a Banana Float. Yum!
What was your favorite teaching moment this week? Teaching with the young men in our branch. I have to lead, and it was a great confidence builder.
How are your shoes holding up in all the rain? I wear my cheap, rubber shoes when it rains so my nice leather shoes are doing great.
Did you learn a new phrase/word in Ilonggo? I learn new stuff each week but I can't think of anything. Sorry! haha 
It's 2015 so now I can say that I will be home "next year" haha ;) time flies! I Love you all! Elder Michael

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