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Week #25 What we love determines what we seek

January 19, 2015
Elder Ducatan and Elder Rasmussen

Hi Mom and Dad! Thank you both for your great emails! Congratulations Mom on your reward from your work! Of course I am not surprised! You deserve it! I can’t believe granny sold her house! That’s kind of sad. I’ll miss going there and staying with her in St. George for winter riding trips.

I haven’t gotten any of your letters yet Mom. I'll let you know when I do. I wish they got sent directly to us but they go through the mission office first. Still no word on the packages either.. I’m not complaining or anything. I’ll get them when I get them. Thank you for thinking of me though :)  Thanks for sending the pictures! You've made a ton of progress on the basement Dad! It already looks way different! Keep sending the pictures. It’s fun to see the progress.
This was a really good week and we had some fun along the way! 

On Tuesday we ate at a restaurant and they happened to be playing the movie “The Wolverine” up on a big screen, so that was actually pretty cool to get to see some of that! :) While we were working that day some members gave us some saging (bananas) and that of course is very nice because I love bananas. People are so kind to us and are always willing to give us food.
Just goofing off with the kids

Me and one of the YM from the Branch heading out to teach

On Wednesday A couple of our investigators got married and on Saturday they were both baptized! At the wedding on Wednesday they had a big party at their home with a lot of food to eat. It was Elder Dactutan’s birthday on top of that, so we had another appointment at a member’s house after that the wedding, and they fed us again. So we ate a lot of food that day!  
Housemates: Elder D, Elder Ras, Elder K. and Elder B

On Thursday the ZL's (Elder K and Elder B) moved back into our house so there are now 4 of us living here again. They are cool, so we have a good time.
Also on Thursday the new Senior couple missionaries arrived to replace the Taylors and they are very nice people. The sister is pretty outgoing haha she doesn’t seem afraid of anything, which is perfect for this mission :) On Saturday they gave us a ride to our baptism (us and 4 other Elders) where we baptized Analeah and her new husband. It was a little bit cold and the sun was covered by clouds so I felt a little bad that the weather wasn’t better for them but they were still so happy to be baptized!
Baptism Day!

A Gorgeous Guimaras Sunset

On Sunday our other investigators (the Bingco family) actually beat us to church! They were there a half hour early! They have been doing so well and it has been amazing to see the change and how far they have come since we began teaching them in October! We gave them a baptismal date in February and I would really like to be here to see them get baptized, but at the same time I really feel like I want to get to my second area this next transfer. I might end up staying here, so we will see what happens! Either way I will be happy.

Elder Krueger and I had a funny experience yesterday with this house that we tracted. These two ladies who were taking care of a 90 year old lady. She said she would try and get the 90 year old lady to come outside because she said she wasn’t sure if she would listen to us haha. She ended up coming out and talking with us and she was so funny! I was just like cracking up the whole time because the old lady couldn’t hear us very well and every time we tried to talk she would butt in and start talking and it was just funny because she was kind of crazy and said the funniest things. The other ladies ended up giving us a referral for one of their daughters who lives on the other side of the island down by the ocean. So Elder K. and I decided we'd go down there and visit her and she ended up being the nicest person and she was excited that we came to talk with her. So we got a new investigator out of that whole funny experience.

View of Iloilo from the Bukid

Today we went on a little "hike" to the Balaan Bukid that had a really cool view of Iloilo. It was a fun excursion. The Balaan Bukid is a landmark in Guimaras and alongside the trail to the top are 15 stations called "Way of the Cross", which depicts significant events in the life of Jesus Christ. We went with a few members and brought some snacks and stuff. It’s funny to walk through the little towns along the way because everyone stares like they’ve never seen any one white in their life. They’re also pretty surprised with our Ilonggo language skills (even though I still am not very good at it haha)
Our P Day Hiking buddies from the branch

Here’s the answer to your questions this week Mom:
Tell me 5 phrases in Ilonggo:
Sa diin ka magkadto?  - Where are you going?
Ano ang pinaka barrato?  - What is the cheapest? (when buying things at the store)
Indi ako manggarranon! -   I am not rich!
Nalipat ko and payong ko diri sa tindahan. – I forgot my umbrella at the store.
Gusto ko maglangoy pero indi puede kay bawal para sa mga missionary  - I want to swim but I can’t because it’s not allowed for missionaries.

What made you laugh this week? I laughed during our lesson with the 90 year old lady haha she was really funny, but you just had to be there!

What was your favorite day this week and why?
My favorite day was Saturday because of our baptism! Their family was very happy and excited for them and it was fun to be a part of it.

That’s pretty much my week! I’m downloading pictures now, so check out the dropbox later!

Love you lots and thanks so much for the emails and love from home :)

Love, Elder Michael


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