Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week #29 - Be Thou An Example of the Believers 1 Timothy 4:12

Maayong Gabi! [Good Evening] Thanks so much for your emails Mom and Dad!  I had to start laughing when you told me all you've been working on this week Dad -- you are always building something or working on the house as usual!  Mom, I'm so glad you had a good time at your horse clinic. I can't believe you've already sold your Shadow - it's amazing that it was 18 months ago that we bought it! That is just insane! I remember that day so well. It just goes to show how fast time flies.  Mom, PLEASE be careful on your new bike!!
So this week there was a "fiesta" here in Passi so there were a ton of people all over the city. Pretty much every single house participates, so we were unable to get any lessons in, but we got fed by a member for lunch and later in the day we went to the plaza and did some O.M.'ing (street contacting). Never gets old hearing people say "kabalo ka magilonggo??" [do you know how to speak Ilonggo?] haha you'd think that everyone here would know that the white guys in ties are Mormon missionaries and we know how to speak Ilonggo, but there are still a ton of people who have no idea who we are! It just crazy and goes to show there are TONS of people here that we still need to make contact with!
On Wednesday I went on a split with Elder Crooks, the new missionary and I took him to my area. I felt a little pressured it just being the two Americans and all and I still feel like the new guy too. But it went great and we taught 2 lessons and then went to the Bishop's house for dinner. The Bishop's family feeds us every Wednesday.  On Thursday we had the Traveling AP's pop up at our house. We went with Elder Carnahan who was awesome and totally fearless so I learned a lot from him. The next few days we taught some less active families and on Sunday we worked with some members which was a lot of fun. It was a quick, pretty uneventful week!
My companion and I had a little bit of a tiff last night. It's all good now, but sometimes we just don't understand each other.  I guess you just have to expect that from two people who are from totally different cultures who are trying to live with each other 24/7. It can be a challenge at times, but all in all we get along really well and he is an amazing teacher.  My mission is a lot of fun, but there are also some rough bumps at times, but it for sure is for the better and in the end makes me a stronger missionary.
This morning I opened all of the letters I got for my birthday! Thank you Lexton and friends, Aunt Joan and Uncle Richard, The Haffners, The Radcliff's, Granny Derr, Eva and Eric, Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen, The Gerkensmeyer's, cousin Emily, Aunt Pat and Uncle Rob, Hayley, Maddie and the Cole's and of course MOM AND DAD! :) And thank you to anyone else who hopefully I didn't miss. Love you all lots! Thank you for making me feel special!
Here's the answers to your questions Mom:
#1 -  Tell me something that made you laugh this past week: Our lessons with Elder Crooks and I. We did pretty good for just the 2 of us! The members crack me up they are way cool.
#2 - Tell me about one person you OYM'd this week and how'd you do it? I like to OYM the trike drivers because they are stuck there and can't leave the conversation haha ;)  plus Its fun to talk about their viaje (their work).
Banana Float

#3 - What was your favorite day this past week and why? Sunday was a good day- working with the members is fun. They are a lot of help and make things more comfortable for the investigators. 
#4 - What is your favorite Filipino food so far? Adobo is way good and pretty simple to make. I love Banana Float as well. 
#5 - What is your favorite thing about your new area? The trike drivers are way nicer here then on Guimaras :) and the grocery store is so clean and nice. 

Love you lots mom. Thank you for your emails and always telling me know how your week goes. and thank you for everything you've sent me. Love you lots! 
Have a great week!
Love you!
Elder Rasmussen 

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