Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week #55 “Life Doesn’t Get Easier, You Just Get Stronger!”

August 17, 2015

Elder Rasmussen & Elder Seeds Celebrating Their Hump day
Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks so much for the pictures! That is way cool I dont think I've ever seen a hedgehog before! I want to hold him! haha I would love to see the Daren's new "hund" puppy too - he sounds so cute!! Send me a picture when he gets him home. 

Happy Birthday Hayley! I wish I could have celebrated with all of you! Dang - there is so much going on there that I'd love to be a part of. Texas Roadhouse sounds so nice. I will want to go to a way American restaurant like that when I get home. I need some real American food!! haha
This week went by so dang fast! I love P-Day and getting to read all your emails. I always get kind of sad when Monday is over and I think how exciting it will be when it comes again next week. haha Monday always comes so fast though, just like every other day. 
We did a few cool things this week and all did pretty good with our teaching and had some great lessons. After we got done with emailing last Monday we did a FHE (Family Home Evening) at the Stake President's house that was pretty fun. We also did an FHE with our investigators on Saturday during the day because they live a long way from town so we wouldn't be able to get a ride back into Roxas if we stayed out there late on a Monday night.
This week was unbelievably hot and humid. I know I always say that but man it was just sooo hot here and it feels like a Sauna.  
We went with our Stake President to our area so he could talk to our Iinvestigator about getting married. He gave us a ride in his truck that reminded me a lot of my little truck. I miss driving! 

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting I gave a talk about the Sacrament. We also went to church in Roxas in the morning and I was asked to teach the gospel principles class. It was a pretty busy Sunday, but speaking now isn't that hard for me to do anymore. I've actually gotten pretty comfortable with it now! During my talk in Panay I can't even begin to describe to you how much I was sweating! haha. I wasn't nervous at all, but it's so dang hot and humid I just sweat like crazy all the time, but especially when I teach and speak in front of people. It's gross haha A shower is the biggest blessing in the world when we get home at night!
Here's the answers to your questions Mom:

#1 - What made you laugh this week? Haha not too sure I'll try and think of one..
#2 - Do they sing the hymns in church in English or Ilonggo? Everything in church is mostly English, though the speakers speak in Ilonggo or sometimes in Tagalog. 
#3 Do they have an organ or piano in church or do you sing A'capella (you know like Barney sings "A'capella...A'capella..." (just a little inside Rasmussen family Andy Griffith Show humor...) There is a piano.
#4 - Have you tried eating anything new lately? Are you eating a lot of seafood like you anticipated? I did try some new fruit that was really good--but I can't remember what's it's called. I also ate crab this week that was really good. I don't remember if I've ever had  crab before--if I have I don't remember it. The crabs crawl around on the ground everywhere in our area they are kind of funny to watch. I also had some really good fresh shrimp. So I am taking full advantage of being in the Seafood Capitol of the Philippines!
#5 - When it rains do you use an umbrella or do you just get wet? I have my Umbrella that I use most of the time, but if it starts *really* pouring an umbrella does nothing to help so we find a place to hide til it slows down.  
I got the letters you sent Mom with all the college information. I'm praying lots about what to do. If I didn't go directly to school in the Fall, I would stay home and just work for that time to make money and start school in the Winter. How the crap am I going to pay for stuff? I just don't know--is it pretty hard to find a job and work while going to school or do you think I could find a decent enough job that quickly after I get home? So many decisions to make! I like the ideas about the engineering courses. I'll keep thinking and praying about it. I know things will work out too and I appreciate all your help and support with everything, I really do. I just know it will be challenging and probably stress me out a little until I get it figured out.
Thanks for the emails Mom and Dad! Love you lots! Have a great week! Love Elder Rasmussen

Filipino Bowling

Filipino kid sets up your pins and rolls your ball back to you

Waterfall Hike to Manoling

Filipino Horse for Mom & Hayley

Mowing the Lawn at the Stake Center

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