Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week #56 “And they shall also teach their children to pray, and to walk uprightly before the Lord” (D&C 68:28).

August 24, 2015
Elder R and Elder A at the Fish Spa

 Hey Mom and Dad - Thanks for everything you do for my mom. I honestly think I am the most spoiled missionary in the mission because whenever we get "cargo" there is always something for me! I think that is awesome about the Christmas stuff that will come this year. I haven't seen any Filipino missionary yet with just 1 shirt but there are some elders with only like 2 or 3 shirts so they have to do their wash more often than most.

Elder R and Elder S
It is hot here but its not bad at night. Every now and then it is miserably hot at night but the fans save the day and I think I have adjusted to the heat. This week was a bit nicer because it rained a lot which kept the temperature down! We had an average week as far as work goes. I went on a split with Elder Lopez who is Elder Seeds companion and that was fun to be able to experience a new area and meet new people. On Thursday we had Elder Dacutan (my old companion) come with us to our area and that was fun as well. Yesterday we visited a lady named J in our area who is an inactive member. She has never been at her house the entire 6 weeks we've been here and we finally dropped by at the right time. She is a way nice lady and we had a good lesson with her about the Book of Mormon. We also visited our investigators in Magubilan (the place where we cross a river to get there) and they were just as awesome as they usually are. They keep their commitments, come to church every week and listen without getting distracted at little things. Their kids are actually pretty well behaved and don't make a ton of noise and throw tantrums during lessons, so that's always nice too.

We saw a huge lizard  on the side of the road when we were walking on Tuesday and it ran to the other side of the fence so we didn't get a really good look at it so we thought it was a small alligator but the owner saw us trying to figure out what it was and he came out and told us it was an iguana. Turns out the guy has this little park thing with Butterflies and all kinds of plants. He also had a fish spa too so that was really fun. You soke your feet in the pond and the fish come up and nibble on your feet and toes and eat the dead skin so it's supposed to be good for your feet. It was pretty cool so we are going to take the sisters in our district there today so they can try the fish spa. 
So all-in-all it was a pretty good week and as usual it went way fast.

Love Elder Rasmussen 

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