Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week #57 Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve....As For Me and My House We Will Serve The Lord. Joshua 24:15

Fishing on P-Day!
Sept 1, 2015

Hi Mom and Dad - Glad you are having fun on your motorcycle trip! Oregon looks awesome! It's so weird to think you are just on the other side of the ocean from me!  The Tillamook Cheese Factory sounds pretty cool!  Eat some cheese and ice cream for me when you get there. The pics you sent of all the trucks stuck in the sand by your condo look pretty funny. We saw a big semi truck the other day here that got stuck trying to turn around in a big basketball court and it broke through the cement. I wish we could have hung around and watched how they were going to get it out of there!
This week was pretty good but it really didn't feel like it went by that quick. No drug on at times. We had a few difficult times and a few good times but overall not too bad of a week.  This older guy that we visit named Tatay V (Tatay is what old men are called here it just means dad or father) he always has something new to talk to us about and bring into the conversations we have.He has the most interesting ideas about things sometimes. We go from talking about the restoration to talking about Muslims and corrupt government and conversations he has with women on the internet. haha He's an interesting dude and we are always shaking our heads when we leave. Nevertheless he is a very nice guy and we get a pretty good laugh out of the things he tells us. Another guy we met at the fish spa place we tried teach but when we sat down he told us straight up that he doesn't want to talk about religion, only plants, animals, and tree hugger stuff. haha He is a really nice guy, so we just visited with him and look at his nature/butterfly preserve and soaked our feet in the fish spa.  We also visited our investigators in Magubilan and had some good lessons with them, We are hoping they will figure out their marriage stuff so they can be baptized this month. They introduced us to their friends who wanted to meet the Kano (me) and they were all surprised about me speaking Ilonggo and being able to hold a conversation with them. It's funny to hear them laugh about it. They think it's pretty amazing a white guy can speak Ilonggo.
We joined the stake Choir so we had to practice a few times this week which was really boring haha You know me, I don't  like singing but I didn't have much choice so I just did my best. Yesterday was stake conference which was pretty good. The're were a lot of people that came. When we were at the Saturday night session the other night it started pouring rain super hard with lighting and way loud thunder. It was a really good storm.
We had to get Flu shots the other day. You know how much I HATE shots! haha The anxiety was killing me so I manned up and got in line and was the second one to get shot ;) The first one was gross and the needle didn't go in very easily so everyone was freaking out about it haha but I didn't even feel anything when they did it. I made it look all dramatic and squeeled like a little girl and Pres. Aquino was laughing pretty hard about that. It was funny!
Enjoy you motorcycle trip and you two be safe!! I think it's funny that you are always concerned about me and telling me to always follow the rules so I'll be safe, and you two riding motorcycles all over the country is way more dangerous than what I'm doing! But have fun...and don't get hurt. Love Your Son, Elder Rasmussen

This cat isn't dead...It was just lounging like this. So Funny!

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