Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week #43 - "They will not hunger or thirst, Nor will the scorching heat or sun strike them down..." Isaiah 49:10

Maayong Gabii sa pamilya - This week went by crazy fast! It's hard to believe how fast! We had a very eventful week of finding and teaching which was pretty fun. Several times (almost every day) we've had a Sister from the ward, Sister Marites, work with us which really helps out a lot and she is super fun to work with. She talks our ear off haha but we don't mind. She is a super sweet lady and a really big help to us.

This week was I think the hottest *ever*. I probably said that last week, but what I really meant was this week! haha. The sun just cooks you. I wish you could experience it with me so you'd know just how HOT it truly is. haha

We found a new family "the Panes family" who are from Cavite so they speak Tagalog. That makes communication a little difficult since we aren't that great at Tagalog, but thankfully they are also decent at english so we are getting along just fine. They love having us over and talking to us, which is fantastic, but they are also really good at learning, so that makes it even better!

Yesterday we went to San Enrique for lunch with Sister Marites. Her friend who has a car drove us, so I got to ride in a car with A/C for the first time in a very long time. I felt like I was in America again! There was a fiesta in town so every single house had tons of people and there were people everywhere. They of course treated us very well and the food was really good. We then went to another house and ate again. You can't walk into a house and not eat or you will offend the owner so that's how that works. We went to work after that and taught a few people and then we went again to the home of Panes family and guess what? They insisted we eat some of their Pancit! haha So we got fed again. Then to top it off we had Family Home Evening at another members house and guess what? We got fed again! So much eating yesterday!

This morning for P Day we got up early and decided to try and find the caves I've been telling you about. We found one, but it wasn't very nice and there was a big snake skin just on the inside, so everyone was too chicken to go in! I was a little creeped out too, but I still wanted to go in and explore. But we all decided to just turned around and we went hiking instead, which was fun. I sweat so much that when I rung out my shirt like a quart of sweat came out!  The member who was with us climbed this huge coconut tree and  knocked down some coconuts for us all to eat. They were really good.


Its another hot day (imagine that) so I'm grateful I get to sit in a a/c building while I email home. I can't wait for the rainy season to come.

Here's the answer to your question Mom:

1 - what made you laugh this week? I can't remember anything!! haha! O.K. these two members that worked with us are pretty funny. They talk a lot of Ilonggo slang that makes me laugh.

2 - Did you try eating anything new this week? If not what was your favorite meal? Nothing new. Lots of pork and chicken. The chicken last night was really good.
3 - So how many mangos do you eat each day now that it's mango season? Have you given yourself a stomach ache like you did when you pigged out on the mandarins?  Lots of people give them to us, so we get a lot! I probably usually only eat 3 a day. I don't eat too many. I learned my lesson from the mandarins!
4 - How many miles a day do you walk? I'm thinking 3-5 usually, some days more, it just depends. 
5 - What was your lesson about that you taught at District meeting last week? Receiving revelation through prayer.
Have a great week! I Love you lots!
Love, Elder Rasmussen!


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