Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week #40 - "There are Lives To Brighten, Hearts To Touch and Souls To Save"

May 4, 2015
No matter where he is, he finds the bike shop!
Kamusta family! Maayong aga! (Good morning!)
Salamat sa mga email nyo sa akon (Thanks for emailing me!) ;)
This week really did go by fast. I love reading all the details about what's going on back at home! Thanks for getting those things for me Mom and sending them to me. As far as treats - Pop tarts are always important ;) I wish you could send me cheese. I miss cheese a lot!
I haven't gotten any details about the skype yet, so I'm not sure when that will happen. Most likely next Pday, so sometime Sunday night for you, but i will let you know asap so you can plan.
Baby Pineapples!
This week we got a lot of rain! You would think that would cool things down, but oh no...it just made it even more humid and sticky haha  but yesterday we went out in the pouring rain and I actually got a little chilly for a little bit. (It was wonderful!) I will never again be reluctant to work in the rain because it's actually pretty fun :)
This week we had a cool experience where we took the time to go see some members who lived pretty far away from Passi in an area called Rumugayray. We ended up teaching the husband's parents who the family has been trying to get to the church for a long time. They told us we were the first missionaries to visit their house so that was pretty cool. They are very nice people. They insisted we eat their food and when we left she paid for our ride and wouldn't let us pay. Lots of the members really worry about us since we are both foreigners haha even though we walk all over the place all day long by ourselves. Its nice to be cared for though ha ;)
LDS Church in Passi
We worked with 3 members yesterday. It rained a lot of the day and we were already soaked so we didn't care too much to get more wet. They tried to get me to eat the street food (chicken intestine, solid pig blood) but I couldn't, wouldn't and didn't eat it haha. I really have no desire to eat the street type food just so I can say I have. I know a lot of the elders eat it, and they make a really big deal about it, but it's just not important to me.  Maybe one day during my mission I'll get a hankering for balut or pig blood and I will try it. I just wish the members wouldn't pressure me so much to eat it. I refuse as kindly as possible, but honestly they can sometimes get offended really easily, but they are the ones that put me in a really uncomfortable situation. I feel bad, but I didn't want to eat it and that's that.
Trike Riding!
I had an interesting first experience as DL (District Leader) this past week. I had to go into Calinog to help the other Elders in our District who were having a companionship problem. I was a little worried I wouldn't have any idea how to help them solve their problem, but I talked to both of them individually and then together, and they were able to start talking again and told me last night that things are back to normal. So I was really glad to hear I was able to help them resolve their problem. I can't imagine the stress of Pres. Aquino dealing with dramatic missionaries all the time. My calling is much easier and if I can resolve the problems at my level and spare President from having to deal with it, then I'm glad I can do my part.
Here's the answers to your questions Mom:
#1 What made you laugh this week?- This old guy on a motorcycle yelled "joe!!" at us in a really high, sharp voice haha it was just really funny (maybe you had to be there?) We got a good laugh out of it! haha
#2 Is there anything you regularly do to stay lighthearted when times feel rough? Usually I take a sit down and just talk about cars or motorcycles with Elder Faamoe. He has a really nice car at home that he misses and I have my dirt bike and my truck, so we can console each other. haha
#3 What has been your favorite P-Day activity during your mission so far? Emailing home! Being able to sit in the A/C at the computer is legit. It's just nice to have some time on P-Day to relax. 
#4 What do you like most about your companion? How is he different from your other companions you've had so far? Elder F is way nice and we talk a lot. We've only had 1 or 2 times we didn't understand each other and considering we are from different parts of the world and are together 24/7 that's pretty good I think. He and I have a lot in common and have similar interests, so that helps a lot having someone to relate to and talk with.
#5 What do most people do for work in your area? Is it like farming? or industrial? Lots of trike drivers, sugar cane factory workers, carpenters and construction mostly.

#6 What was your most spiritual experience this week? Nothing too powerful this week but my testimony keeps getting stronger. I especially love testifying about Joseph Smith. 

I Love and miss you all! Have a great week!
Love Elder Rasmussen

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