Monday, April 27, 2015

Week #39 - And Jesus Said..."Come, Follow Me." Luke 18:22

April 27, 2015

Mango Tree
Hi Mom and Dad!  OHHHH!! I can’t wait to meet our new hund! I think you should name him Blitzkrieg and call him Blitz for short—or Jaeger. Jaeger’s cool. I vote against Schnitzel—that sounds way to girlie for a dude. Which, btw, you never get male dogs—what gives? Haha. The baby pigs from last week were our investigators'. Sorry to say but they will be eaten very soon L they were cool though. And I got the Easter package you sent , sorry, I thought I told you before. Thank you for sending my camera instruction booklet and for the other stuff inside! And, thank you for getting me the Gorillapod for my camera too! That will come in handy big time! 

Zone Activity at the beach
This week was transfer week so we weren’t able to get out as much as we usually do and also Elder Faamoe got sick so we didn’t go out that day either. But we did a ton of tracting on the other days, which was pretty fun. Even though I sweat like a freaking pig. It is *SO HOT* here. I’ve never felt anything like it in my life! HAHA Plus I got a pretty good sunburn from the zone activity at the beach last week, so that had me feeling extra warm. I will send you a picture. My shoulders and arms got so red and the rest of me is SO white. haha 

We weren’t able to visit our favorite investigator Wenda this week because she was sick. So we went way out to an area called "San Enrique" where we did a ton of walking and finding people. We did a lot of exploring, which we needed to do anyway to get to know the area. We met these two teenagers who were really polite and they wanted to talk with us. They listened and joined in the lesson, so it makes it more enjoyable to teach. They were pretty cool. There was a funeral in town and when there’s a funeral (namatian) literally everyone in town goes because it seems like everyone is related to the person that died. So no one was home in lots of the houses we tracted, so we just kept walking and getting to know the area better. 
Philippine Carabao (water buffalo) laying in the mud pool to keep cool
Sugar Cane Field
Cool Clouds
Cool Sun Dog
Yesterday was an interesting day. I found out how good of a memory my companion has. We were walking down the road and he says "hey that’s that one guy we met last week" and I didn’t recognize him at all and sure enough it was him. Then we walked past another guy who I again didn’t recognize but my companion did and knew exactly who he was.  I felt pretty dumb haha but that’s why I take a lot of notes in my planner. We also talked to a lady in her garden as well who was really nice. She just stared at us while we were looking around the area and when we talked to her she told us she was wondering what the heck is that white guy and big dude doing around here haha which is exactly what we thought she was thinking. 
This morning we went to the gym and lifted weights. I sweat so much it was ridiculous! Never do I ever remember sweating this much, ever!!. (Have I mentioned how hot it is? Haha) It felt really good to get some good exercise in though. 

So it turns out I have been assigned as the new Passi District DL (District Leader). I’ll be honest, I’m not looking forward to doing the trainings and stuff haha But it will be good for me and I will have a little more responsibility to improve my skills as a teacher and leader.

Hope you all have a great week! Love you and miss you lots. 
Love Elder Rasmussen


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