Thursday, April 23, 2015

Week #38 "Hasten The Work"

Hey Mom and Dad - Thanks for the pictures! I sure wish I was there having fun with you guys! I love hearing about your adventures and seeing your pictures--and no you aren't making me sad! haha I am still loving my  mission! haha It's just great to see pictures so please keep sending them. Your trip Looks like a lot of fun and you got to see some really cool stuff. Darin looks like ZZ Top--his beard is so hard core! haha I can't wait for when I'll get to ride motorcycles with you guys when I get back.

Today we did a Zone Activity at the beach so we are just now getting to email, so that's why you I didn't email earlier like usual. We got up at 4 a.m. this morning and headed to Leganes (suburb of Iloilo) and then to the beach where we played volleyball and walked around in the water and played football and stuff. I was pretty fun, but unfortunately I didn't put enough sun screen on so I got pretty burned. My skin is so white like cool whip!! haha After the beach we went home and got our shopping done and then it started raining really hard and the power went out. We haven't had a good rain storm like this since like December so getting the rain has been great. Plus it cooled things down a lot which is always nice. Nice to have a break from the oven! 
This week my companion got sick twice so we had to stay in for a day and a half. We are still exploring new areas and meeting lots of people. We're hoping they will turn into progressing investigators but most of them don't unfortunately but we continue to persevere! Our lesson a couple of days ago with Wenda P. was awesome. We talked about the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith. She is super nice and very educated so we love visiting her and answering her questions. She asks really great questions and she watched the Restoration video on and you could tell she was very touched by the spirit. We are hoping and praying things will work out there for her and her family. They are a way cool family and her husband knows about dirtbikes and like supercross and stuff . We have a lot in common, so he's awesome to talk to. They are just really nice people and I've really loved teaching them.
It has been miserably hot haha sorry to be dramatic but holy cow I've never sweat so much in my whole life. Seriously! The sun just cooks us, so we're way happy when its cloudy or were in the bukid with lots of trees. Looking forward to "cooler" season which should start in July.
Transfers are this week.  I'm not expecting any changes until next transfer so no big deal for Elder F. and I. 
Love you lots! Stay safe and have fun on the bikes. 
Love Elder Rasmussen

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