Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week #36 - "Because He Lives" - Happy Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2015
Hi Mom and Dad - Thanks so much for your emails and the pictures. It looks like things are going good for you! I've been thinking about how much I miss all of Mom's cooking. It's on the top of my list for things I will want immediately when I get home! haha I surprisingly haven't gotten sick from any of the food here (yet?) but I'm really careful about what I eat. And you're right! I haven't had a singly bloody nose since I got here, so there is something to be said for extreme humidity!
Sounds like you all had fun riding dirt bikes on Saturday! I honestly don't mind that Hayley rode my bike (as long as she's super careful! haha) It needs the exercise, so thanks for taking care of it for me. I can't believe the Jeep may be dead! That is so sad! I hope the mechanic is able to weld the engine back on. I feel like you may be bluffing Dad when you say that you let Hayley take your Tacoma back to USU instead of my truck! Are you sure you really did that? haha. Speaking of engines, I'm a little worried about my plane engines and not starting them for so long. Hopefully they'll be alright, but if you think about it, may you can start them up every-once-in-awhile?
Our week went pretty good. There was a lot going on most of the week with the Catholic churches because of Easter, but I didnt see any of the extreme crucifixion or flagellation stuff you asked about, but I know that goes on here. Last Friday (because of Good Friday) there were no people in the streets of Passi and it was the weirdest thing I've seen here. Usually there are a million people and bikes crowded in the streets, but everything was closed down and there were no people. It felt like Sunday in Utah! haha It was actually kinda nice having the streets to ourselves!
We met a lot of nice people this week to teach. One family in this new area we've explored (The Panes family) live up on a hill in a pretty nice house. We saw it and thought what the heck? Let's try it out. Come to find out the husband worked in Texas for 4 years so they speak a little English. They are the coolest family and by our second visit they were calling us their friends! and we've continued to build a pretty good relationship with them.
On Saturday we went to our baptism of Gina Amestoso who we've been teaching for the past 7 weeks. We also started teaching a new woman named Cena who told us she would like to serve a mission someday, so that was really neat. 
For some reason this week we had a few problems with trike drivers trying to rip us off. Most of the trike drivers are very nice and honest, but when you get one who thinks that just because you're a foreigner they can rip you off, it really ruins the moment. Most people are nice though, but every-once-in-a-while you run into some dishonest people, just like everywhere else I guess. But it's a real bummer when it happens since it really ruins the spirit.
Sunday we worked with a member named Sister Marites. She's an RM and very good at missionary work, so she really helped us out. One of our new investigators is friends with her, so it was a pretty cool coincidence.
It's been unbearably hot this week! Especially today. We didn't get anything out of the storm and it actually seemed like it made things feel hotter if that's possible! haha
Here's the answers to your questions Mom:
#1 What made you laugh this week? Elder Faamoe bought a lechon chicken (roasted chicken that is seasoned Filipino style). While walking home he was so happy and excited and just kept talking about how he's going to devour the chicken when we get home haha he was giddy over it and it had me cracking up.
#2 Did anything make you cry this week? Not this week!
#3 Have you ever tried the fresh sugar cane yet? Yeah, its alright. Are you still enjoying the fresh pineapple? Yes its way good! Anything else you've found that you like to eat? Filipinos chocolate candy bar. It's super unhealthy but very good!
#4 Have you had any service opportunities lately? No, not lately, but we've been looking for them.
#5 What was your favorite "spiritual" moment this week? Teaching the Panes family. They are way cool. 

Have a wonderful week! I Love you! Elder Michael

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