Monday, April 13, 2015

Week #37 "Be Found Doing The Work of the Lord" President Thomas S. Monson

April 13, 2015
Hey Family!
Thanks for your emails. I hope you have fun on your motorcycle trip to Arizona Mom and Dad and be safe! That trip sounds like a blast! I can't wait to see pictures. I was a little homesick last week, but I guess that happens every week at some point for the most part. It comes and goes throughout the week--it's just part of the process I guess.
This week was fast but I got sick on Friday and Saturday so we didn't get as much work done. We also had General Conference on the weekend, so Saturday morning we traveled to Leganes (Iloilo) to stay the weekend with the Zone leaders to make traveling to Conference easier.
We had a really cool lesson earlier in the week with our investigator named Wenda. We are teaching her about Joseph Smith. Every time we go there she actually listens and wants to learn but this time was extra cool because she told us she is very interested in Joseph smith and wants to go really slow through that part of the lesson so she can really understand. She is a teacher so she can speak fairly good english and understands quite well so we can use a little bit of English if there's something hard to explain in Illonggo. We had a lot of fun in the lesson. It's so much easier teaching people who are sincerely interested in learning.
The rest of the week we spent lots of time tracting to find new people and new areas so we don't have to keep going to the same over-tracted areas.
I taught the district meeting on Tuesday which went ok but not as good as I hoped since I wasnt able to prepare as much as I would have liked.

On Saturday when we were to head to Leganes, I thought about staying home since I still wasn't feeling well, but I really didn't want to miss Conference, so I decided to go. Conference was really good, I just wish I could have felt better. I must have had the flu or something because I had a fever so I would be really hot and sweating, then I would get super cold and shivery. I felt pretty lousy, so that was a real bummer. During the Sunday sessions the Stake center in Lapaz was packed full of people. There were lots of talkers around us so it was hard to hear at times but I still really enjoyed the conference talks.
I'm feeling a lot better now. We stayed over in Leganes again last night and today we went to SM (the big mall in Iloilo). I haven't been to SM for so long, it was nice to get to hang out at the mall (with the air con!! LOL). I ate McDonalds which was really good since I havent had a burger since January 5 haha. Time is fast though, so I feel like we were just there even though it's been over 3 months! Now we are in Jaro (suburd of Iloilo City) and when were done emailing we'll go catch the bus for the ride home to Passi which is about an hour bus ride from here.
Sure do love and miss you tons! 
Love Michael
#1 - Tell me something that made you laugh this week- We spent some time last night playing Uno since it was 6 of us in the house. We had some funny moments and lots of laughs.  There are a lot of funny elders in our mission haha
#2 - What is your favorite smell in your area now? 2 stroke exhaust! It makes me homesick, but I still love it!  What is your least favorite smell? Every now and then we get a whiff of one of the city gutters. You can almost taste it! bleh!
#3 - What is the scariest thing that has happened to you so far as a missionary that has made you feel protected? I'm not sure I understand the question haha but nothing too scary has happened. I guess I'd say when Elder B and I got hit by the motorcycle back in October (Nov 4, 2014 blog post). That was pretty scary.
#4 - How are your clothes holding up to the bucket washes? Your white shirts still look pretty white--I'm impressed! They're good. Filipinos have mastered the handwash! I am becoming a pro at it. haha It works really good, but the only thing that sucks is how labor intensive it is.
#5 - What are some of the local sayings or things people say pretty often there? Kabalo ka mag visaya?? (do you guys know how to speak visaya?) and they always call us tall (Taas gid sia) and of course the "hey joe!" and cano! 

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