Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week #45 “What You Plant Now, Will be harvested later. . .”

June 8, 2015

Hi Mom and Dad -- We're going to SM today and we wanted to get an early start, so we are emailing earlier than usual. I'm way jealous you went camping..It Sounds like fun!! Thinking about my family camping without me is a little hard I'll admit, but that's cool you had fun.  Too bad about the fishing not being that great though, but it helps to know I didn't miss anything! haha Holy smokes! It sounds like you almost had to abandon ship though! Wow! That wind and waves sound crazy! Thanks for the details about the trip though. I wish I was there to see all the cool thunderstorms and rainstorms you are getting!

This week flew by as usual, even though time seems to really slow down during transfer week. We were all  expecting a text about transfer with our names on it,  but none of us ended up getting transferred which was really weird! So our district didn't change at all! After this transfer is over I will have been with Elder Crooks for four transfers which is a long time to be in the same house with someone but it sure went by fast for me. My companion Elder Faamoe will have also been with me for 3 transfers which doesn't really happen that often after training, but we generally get a long really well and have fun, so we will have fun this transfer too. Although this past week Elder Faamoe got mad at me over a misunderstanding and wouldn't talk to me (drama...) so we went on splits with the other elders that day. I spent the day teaching with Elder Crooks and we had a lot of fun. We found some really nice people and taught some powerful lessons. Of course at the end of the day my companion wasn't mad at me anymore (imagine that...) haha so things are back to normal. It's all good.

While Elder Crooks and I were teaching together we were teaching a lesson to a guy at his work and his boss came back and she chewed him out for letting us in their rice mill compound.  Elder Crooks and I walked over and talked to her and she calmed down.  We could tell she got a little bit shy when the two white guys speaking illonggo walked up, so that calmed her down haha . After we talked with her she was nicer, but told us we can't teach the guy anymore which was a bummer.

We had 7 investigators come to church yesterday which was awesome! I wasn't expecting it at all but they came! It was so cool to see them in church learning and asking questions and stuff. On the other end of the spectrum we taught some less active members yesterday and they give us ridiculous excuses for why they don't go to church. But oh well. We still twork hard and try to help them all we can.

It started raining last night so we went home early and then it really started pouring. The weirdest thing happened - a bunch of weird bugs flew into our house haha so I was running around everywhere stepping on them and trying to get them out of the house.
Here's the answers to your questions:
#1 What made you laugh this week? Elder Crooks teaching. He's not very good at the language but he did a really good job and he said some funny things. It was fun teaching with him.

#2 What are you studying in the scriptures these days? The Old Testament and the Book of Mormon.
#3 Do people there have cell phones or home phones? Do you see much in the way of electronics? Everyone has a cell phone. Lots of people have nice TV's too but lots don't. People are obsessed with speakers too. You always hear loud music playing.
#4 Have you been getting any rain or typhoons? Rain but no Typhoons yet. It's supposed to start raining a lot more this month as the typhoon season starts.

#5 was that a picture of a jack fruit tree you sent last week? Do you like that fruit? They grow everywhere here and the fruit when ripe is really good. They also cook it in foods when it isnt ripe as a vegetable. 

Sure miss you Mom and Dad and you know I love you!! Love, Michael
P.S.  I know I told you that I wasn't going to send any pictures this week since I'm on a computer I didn't trust, but it worked out ok so I've sent a few.


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