Monday, June 29, 2015

Week #48 - "He Who Kneels Before God, Can Stand Before Anyone."

June 27, 2015
P.S. Mikey emailed this week from a computer hut that they don't generally use and those places are notorious for having viruses on their computers, so for that reason he didn't send any new photos this week, so I'm recycling a few from the past.

Hey Mom and Dad! Thanks for the email! I love the pictures! It's so good to see Utah. I love it! You both talked about the heat there in your emails haha! Sorry I'm having a hard time feeling bad for you haha! Just kidding. I remember thinking it was too hot in Utah, so I know how you are feeling. Now I know better! Just so you know I am suffering too and the sweat never ends ;)
I was just talking with Elder Crooks this morning about how times has never gone by so fast and yet has never gone by so slow in my life like it has on my mission. I know that sounds weird, it's hard to describe!
Thanks Dad for the encouragement and the reminder about every generation of Rasmussen men being a little better than the last. I remember Grandpa saying that to me over the years. I hope I can continue to become a better person. I've grown so much closer to the Savior and the Gospel in the 11 months of my mission. I think back to High School and how I never took any of my scripture study and the gospel teachings seriously. But now I see what it means in my life and I want to learn everything I can. It says in my Patriarchal Blessing that the Book of Mormon will become my friend and that has already been fulfilled! I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the Bible and I truly enjoy studying about the life of the Savior and all he did.
Thanks for mailing me the package and the socks for me Mom. About what to send me in future packages....I have no idea what I really need. I think of stuff every-once-in-awhile, but then I forget to write it down. But I will make sure to remember and put a list together for you.  That "cold" towel actually doesnt work real well here, sorry :( it's like a swamp cooler in a rain storm. I'm sure it would work really well in Utah though since the air is so dry so I will hold on to it for future use.
It rained almost every day this week. Just like Utah the rain always comes in the afternoon. I went on a split with Elder Tanto in Calinog which was a lot of fun. It's always nice to experience a different area and meet new people. We found a new couple that we taught who are very nice. The husband works at Gaisano (supermarket) and he told us he'd give us 50% off on chicken so heck yeah to that!
On Friday we visited our investigators the Panes family, who of course would'nt let us leave after the lesson until we at dinner with them! They served us some kind of fish dish and it was really good!
On Saturday the other Elders had a baptism so we attended that. And on Sunday Passi had its first Ward Conference (they just became a Ward last December) and so a ton of people were at church including President Aquino, so we were very happy that we were all cleaned up and looking sharp, and most importantly we didn't have any mud on our shoes! (that's President Aquino's pet peeve ha). Afterwards they served lunch for the ward. There was lots of food and it was fun to hang around the members and we even had several of our investigators also attend. Afterwards we went on a split with the members, but it started pouring rain so it was cut short and we stayed at the church for a little bit longer. Afterwards Elder F and I went to a guy named Tatay Bautista (a less active member) and shared with him. Then last night we had a very nice dinner at the Robles family that was pure adobo and BBQ chicken with rice haha not a very healthy meal, but man it was good! So we were fed well yesterday both literally and spiritually!
Our favorite computer place was closed this morning so we are in another computer hut that doesn't have A/C and I'm totally sweating......

Here's the answers to your questions Mom:

1 - Sorry, but I"ve got to ask....what made you laugh this week? haha I always want to know that my boy is laughing! Pres. Aquino spoke in Sacrament yesterday about paying tithing. He said "I don't like to compare churches, but in the            church [he covers his mouth like he accidently said] you know where your money is going...". Anyways, It was really funny because of his facial expressions, but it was a little awkward at the same time because some of our investigators are members of that church, so we were hoping they weren't offended, but I don't think they were because they were laughing about it also. 
2 - What new fruits and/or veggies have you tried?  I eat lots of Mango, several different kinds of banana (I didn't know there were so many kinds of bananas!), coconut, and there's a few others that I don't know their names. You know me--I love just about any kind of fruit and I have a lot to choose from here.
3 - Do you teach in church or do you just attend like the average ward member?  I've had to teach Sunday School and Priesthood a few times, but not lately. Mostly we just get to sit there like a normal member :)
4 - What service have you been doing? We're hoping to help a member to build a new house soon. He's got some of the supplies that he has ordered and we're just waiting on that.
5 - Did you learn anything new this week? I finished the Book of Matthew for the first time and I loved it. It is packed full of such good stuff and has built my faith in Jesus Christ so much. I love when he confounds the priests---there are times on my mission when I wish I could do that! That would be so awesome! LOL But I've really enjoyed studying the life of the Savior.
6 - How are the bugs there? I saw on the Missionary Mall website that they have those mosquito nets that hang over your bed - do you need one of those? The mosquitos are WAY bad here. They bite through my socks and even my pants sometimes. Thankfully, I never get bitten at night though because we have the fans blowing on us.
Thanks again Mom and Dad for your emails. Palangga ta ka!
Love Elder Rasmussen

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