Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week #46 - “Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way.”

June 15, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad! Glad you had a good week! I would love to be there and do that crossfit you're doing Mom. It sounds pretty cool! Keep on going!

Thanks so much for all the pictures. They look so nice. It makes me miss my homeland with all the trees and plants and what not that I'm used to. Sorry to hear about Marilyn your funny top hat chicken. I didn't think Jaegar killed chickens? That will be something he needs to learn, but if I know my Mom I'm sure you're already getting him whipped in to shape! haha I guess I can include a chicken in my prayers..only for you Mom ;)

This week was really slow for us and we got rejected a lot. It wasn't just us though. Our entire zone was like that apparently. But thanks for the encouragement - I don't take it personally when we are rejected, but it's always nice when people want to listen to us so we make good use of our time. There were lots of rain storms every day and it was Independence week here too, so it was a different week. Although the Filipinos don't go all out for Independence Day like the US does.
We taught the Plan of Salvation to our investigator Wenda for the 1st time this week and she had a ton of questions. She usually has lots of questions, which I love, but she's never ever rejected any of the stuff we have taught her.  Teaching the Plan of Salvation this time was hard--she had a difficult time understanding, but she asked a lot of really deep questions which was so awesome! I don't feel like we were stumped by any of her questions, but I studied about Adam and Eve the next day for like 3 hours so I can do a better job of answering her questions the next time we are with her. I just never ever studied and understood the Plan of Salvation before my mission, but there is so much more to it than I ever thought. We always have fun teaching Wenda though because she is way cool and very smart which makes it easier to teach her. I've really loved reading the scriptures lately though and learning. We are always told to dig deep into the scriptures and that it is supposed to be fun but I never had fun before my mission. Reading the scriptures was always a chore, but now its something I always look forward to in the morning. So Mom and Dad (and everyone reading this blog!) read and study the Scriptures!  Especially the Book of Mormon. I promise you that it will strengthen your faith and increase your knowledge on the things that *really* matter in life!
Yesterday we went to Lapaz for Stake Conference. Our Ward took 2 big jeeps and they were both packed full just like last time. Transportation is a lot more fun in the Philippines! haha we were packed in there like sardines! The conference was really good. It was a broadcast from the Conference Center in Salt Lake, especially for the stakes in the Philippines. Pretty cool huh? One of our investigators came with which was really cool. He is a14 year old son of a lady that we teach. She asked us if her son could come with us and of course we said absolutely!
It is so HOT and HUMID outside right now! I was dying this morning and couldn't wait to get here to the computer place and sit in the A/C ;) It feels so great! 
Here's answers to your questions!:
What made you laugh this week? When we were on our way to Stake Conference yesterday and traveling down the highway on the jeep the people standing on the outside of the jeep saw what they though was the police so they all hurried and piled back inside, but it ended up just being a security dude haha so everyone was crack8ng up and laughing over that.
What story from the scriptures are you studying now? Lots of 2nd Nephi, Alma 12, Alma 40.. and I'm currently reading Galations.
How was sacrament yesterday? What are the talks about? I was Stake conference, so the General Authorities spoke through the broadcast about becoming more Christ-like.
Did you eat anything different this week? What food do you miss that you can't get? Did you try halo halo yet? I ate some quail that was cold haha I didn't like it and had to gag it dow because I didn't want to offend the person. I miss dairy stuff a lot. I'd love to have a ice cold glass of milk....and a grilled cheese sandwich! Yeah I've had halo halo but I don't really care for it too much haha It's pretty weird for a dessert!
Thanks again Mom and Dad. Love and miss you both so much. Have a great week!
Love, Elder Rasmussen 

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