Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week #49 "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less".

July 6, 2015
Hey Mom and Dad - thanks for your emails and the details about your awesome 4th of July week at Fish Lake without me... :) haha just kidding! I'm way jealous you got to go fishing and probably ate a really nice perch dinner! That trout Hayley caught looks like a monster! I'll bet she was way excited.
I had a good week too, even though I wasn't at Fish Lake. It did go by very quickly. We had a Zone meeting on Tuesday and those are my least favorite meetings for some reason and I always get a little homesick when we take the bus back to passi ha Weird. But thankfully it passes quickly.
The following days we found some new people to teach in an area that we thought was dead. So that was really cool! This old trike driver, who is a super nice guy is always waving at us and talks to us when we are at the terminal, got a flat tire so we stopped and helped him fix it. He thanked us for helping him and then said he was going home.  Well, later in the day as we were teaching a family in that area we saw him walk by, and it turns out the family we were teaching was his brother! haha So then he told us where his house was and after we were done teaching his brother's family we went up and we were able to have a lesson with him. He is a super nice guy. His house is very very run down and I felt bad for him because its just him and his dog at the house (he isn't married.) I was very glad we found him and got to visit him and hopefully he will let us keep coming to visit.
It rained a lot again this week. I think I will end up saying that every week now since it is rainy season! Our member who always works with us fed us this week and it was a really good meal. For the 4th of July Elder Crooks and I decided we wanted to bring some American tradition to our house, so we cooked up hamburgers and fries. It was delicious and we also at Doritos and rootbeer. The Pride of America was powerful that day! haha
We went to the home to see a less active member yesterday and her neighbor was playing his music really, really loud. She told us he always does it, but she could not stand up to him and ask him to turn it down for her. So I walked over and asked him to please turn his music down as we were trying to visit with his neighbor, and he turned it down. She was so happy and so were her other neighbors. I was glad I could set an example to that they shouldnt be afriad to stand up for themselves and ask people to turn down their music. Its a common problem in this country-- you really can't go anywhere without hearing loud music playing all the time. haha

Yesterday we got a text about an activity in Lapaz to play sports for P day today and I really didn't want to go. I was just so tired and really wanted to stay home today and just relax, but my companion really wanted to go.  He was a little bit rude to me about it last night when we were discussing it, but we talked it over this morning and I felt a lot better about the situation. It's just that we go full blast all week, so when P-Day comes it's just nice to relax for one day. So anyhow, it was a huge test of patience and humbleness for me to compromise and do what my companion wanted to do. In the end it all worked out and the activity ended up being ok and I was able to see a lot of Elders I know including my MTC comp. We had some good laughs about the hard times we had in the MTC haha. Companions are the hardest thing on a mission sometimes and I have worked hard and have improved my patience substantially and I really feel like I have become a lot stronger person from dealing with some of the things that I have experienced over the last 11 months. "All and all, its a real fun day..." haha (another classic Andy Griffith quote) 
I sure miss you guys lots. Thank you for your good examples to me. I know it's because of my parents that I made the good decisions I've made so far in my life. I've thought a lot about when we moved from Sterling to Erda  and how unhappy I was about it, but I know now that it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Mom you were right when you told me that everything would work out for the best if I just have a good attitude and stay positive, and I know I didn't believe you at the time, but you were totally right.  
About the college stuff, I know you pressed me really hard to apply to lots of different schools and I know 100% that I was too stupid to listen to you and of course now I'm paying for it! Thank you though for looking after me and helping me with my future.  I'll work on the BYU application stuff and get that to you over. I know I remember applying for a deferment for my scholarship at Snow, and the Regent scholarship. I sure hope they went through o.k. All these decisions I have to make sure are stressful, but I will stay positive and I'm sure it will all work out all right. 
Thanks for all your support and prayers! Have a great week! Love Elder Rasmussen

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