Friday, October 2, 2015

Week #59 Fan The Flame Of Your Faith

September 28, 2015 

Hi Mom, Dad and Hayley!
Thanks for your emails! I'm so sorry to hear about Shadow, I know that wasn't easy for you Mom and Hayley. That sucks big time with horses how that happens.

This was a super week for us! We had 3 baptisms and a wedding this week that was a lot of fun! Last Monday we went to Magubilan and did a Family Home Evening with the Besinio Family and that was fun. I wasn't in the best mood for some reason but getting out there and laughing and having fun with them fixed my day! The following days we spent a little more time with them getting them ready for Friday which is when we had their baptism and wedding. It's hard to think of anything else in the week before Friday since that was such an important day. But we but we did find a few new people to teach in Panay and also we've been doing better at talking to people which we have been trying to do a better job of. But Friday was such an awesome day!

We went to the church at like 8 in the morning and got things ready for everything to happen. Joy and Jenicar (no Mr. and Mrs. Besinios) had their wedding which went a lot smoother than I thought it would go! They both looked great and they were so happy. It was so cool to see them making that important 
decision and we were able to help them get there. It was funny because they were all awkward about kissing each other and just did a really fast peck is all haha. After the wedding we did the baptism.  I baptized our investigator named Roger and Elder Alpon baptized the Besinios. It was a great baptism and lots of the people that we teach in Magubilan came to support them so hopefully they will be more baptisms to come as a result. That area is awesome and I love teaching the people we've met there.  We may be losing it next month if they open up a new area in Pontevedra. But in the meantime we get to keep going out there to work and I really enjoy it. 

Saturday came with a huge rain storm that poured and poured for like 15 min with lightning and everything it was super cool. We also were able to teach some new people and had a member work with us so Saturday ended up being a really good day. 

Sunday when we went to church we went and got these 2 less active guys who we always visit but they are too lazy to go to church but they came because we picked them up. In church I confirmed brother Jenicar and Elder Alpon confirmed Brother and Sister Besinios.  They were "golden investigators" for sure we were lucky to have been able to teach them. 

We also visited a member in the Hospital Sunday who had a baby a few days ago. It was a lower class hospital and she was in like an old fashioned maternity ward where there was this one room with like 15 women and their new babies. I felt really uncomfortable walking in there since I was of course the only white person and I'm two feet taller than everyone else which isn't uncommon here for me but this time it was just super awkward for me given the circumstances.  They were happy we visited them, and I was glad we went, but I was so happy to get out of there haha

On Tuesday we ate at a seafood restaurant in the beach after District meeting, it was nice! We ate adobo squid and it sounds weird, but it actually wasn't too bad.
Here's answers to your questions Mom:
#1 - have you done any service projects lately? The last one we did was last week and we cleaned the church.
#2 -  what was your favorite meal this week? I made some really good breakfast sandwiches for lunch yesterday.
#3 - What made you laugh this week? The wedding was funny watching the 2 love birds. 
#4 - In those missionary videos the former Bacolod Missionary talks about how cheap it is to have clothes made there. Is that something you are thinking of having done? Yeah some missionaries have made suits when they go home. I might have some pants made before long. 
#5 - tell me how a typical day for you goes starting with when you get up til when you go to bed. I get up, eat breakfast, start studies, eat lunch, go to work, visit people until about 8:30 and then we get a ride home usually from a member named Crisanto. Then we do our planning for the following day, eat something, shower/brush teeth, write in journal, then go to bed.
Love you all! Elder Rasmussen 

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