Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week #60 “Count Your Blessings and Make Your Blessings Count”

October 5, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad! I'm a little bit later emailing today. We went and played basketball this morning at the church and then I did some running. Holy cow! I was sweting like crazy!!! I wish I was there to exersize with you Mom! You're doing great!  

Glad you enjoyed watching General Conference! We will get to see it next week and I'm pretty excited for it!

 This week I think was a little slow as far as work goes since most of everyone in our main area (Magubilan) weren't home since everyone and their dog was out in the rice fields because it is harvesting right now. That slowed things down and we weren't able to meet with many people, but luckily there were a couple that weren't working. Lots of the work we did was in Panay this week and we also got rejected there, but it was also slow because of the rain. We got fed dinner 2 times this week. Once at the bishops house that had tons of food and another at the stake presidents house last night that also had lots of food. I can't really remember too much about this week.

This week is transfer week and I'm kind of worried I will be transferring. I'm not ready yet, so I hope not but I have a chance because my companion might be training a new missionary. I do not want to go because I love the area and the people but I guess what happens happens. I will go and do what the Lord has commanded!
Oh my heck, it was excruciatingly hot on Saturday you wouldn't believe how uncomfortable and sweaty I felt haha When the rain came later that night I felt like rejoicing! and I actually ended up getting really cold later in the night while sleeping. That was such a serious blessing, you have no idea! We also got poured on on the way to church yesterday and that was actually kind of fun. I got soaked and them I was freezing because we went to church in Roxas and there was air conditioning in sacrament meeting. LOL I do not complain about being cold--it's such a relief after being so excruciatingly hot most of the time!

Here's the answer to your questions:
#1 - What made you laugh this week? When we were bowling last Monday it was fun to stand next to the window and wave at the people as they go by and their reactions are hilarious! Especially the big groups of school girls. 
#2 - Did you do any service this week? Not really, but we did deep cleaned our house this week. It really needed it!
#3 - Who was your favorite person to teach this week? We taught a girl named Jolen. We had members with us and its pretty easy to joke around with them which makes teaching fun. 
#4 - What are you currently studying in the scriptures? The Book of Mormon. Alma 55
#5 - What was your favorite meal this week? Saturday at Bishops house. Lots of unhealthy, greasy food, but it was so good! 

Love and Miss you all too!! Have a great week!
Love Elder Rasmussen


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