Monday, October 12, 2015

Week #61 Strive To Become a Shining Light Unto The World

October 12, 2015

Saying farewell to a good friend, Elder Seeds
Hi Mom and Dad!
Looks like you had fun on your motorcycle trip to Colorado. Mesa Verde looks really cool. I'm jealous I'm not there riding with you, but that time will come again soon! That is so awesome about the Christmas packages for Iloilo. I can't wait to see how that all works out here. I'll remind President about taking some pictures that you can share. 

This week was slow. It seems like transfers always go by like that! I stayed in Roxas. I was really happy that I didn't end up transferring and I also have to same companion Elder Alpon. I've been here for 3 months now but it sure doesn't feel like that.  I'm no longer with Elder Seeds which kind of sucks, but I'm doing good with 3 Filipinos in the house now. They're all really nice guys, and we get along good. I was sad to say goodbye to Seedsie though. He transferred to Guimaras and he'll do great there. We have adapted to mission life pretty well I think. Plus you never need to worry - we are well taken care of and looked after.We have been here in the mission for over a year now! wow...that's hard to believe.

We found some new people this week and I had fun talking to people and surprisingly lots of them didn't act all shy around me like they usually do. It rained like a banshee on Tuesday here and on our way back home from a meeting there was flooding in the streets in Roxas and it was way deep coming up into the tricycle we were riding in. That was kind of fun! Lots of peoples houses were flooded which is sad, but they are so used to it. I can't imagine what it is like here during a typhoon!

On Saturday we watched 6 hours of conference which was great. There were lots of good talks.Sunday conference was also really good and the three new apostles had awesome testimonies. We ended up working until it was dark after we finished watching conference. We went to the hospital where we visited our Bishop who was in ICU due to some heart problems he was having, but he is doing well now.

Filipino Dachshund
This morning we played basketball at the church again. I was sucking at basketball so I just did running to get some exercise.

Well, that's about it! Hope you have a great week. Love and miss you lots!

Love, Elder Rasmussen

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