Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #62 - Seek Ye Diligently And Teach One Another. . .

October 19, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad!
This week we had some fun finding more new people to teach and we were able to find 2 great families and the one is picture perfect with the mom and dad and 3 kids. They are very nice people. The other one is good too with a mom and dad and 2 little girls but they just recently joined the Iglesia ni Cristo but they said they are happy to listen so we'll see what happens with them. We tried to talk to as many people as we could with the time we had but I need to work on my conversation in Ilonggo and also how to include the message of the restoration in at the same time. The conversations go good but when I tell them about the church or something like that they sometimes get confused and have no idea what I'm talking about haha but I am going to work on that :)

Our newly baptized family (the Besinio family) helps us out with teaching other members of their family. Sister Joy is awesome when she helps us I was so proud when she testified about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith like she's been a member for years! I will miss that family a ton when I get transferred. This older lady who always feeds us (can't go past her house without eating something) is also listening to our lessons after we eat. Her husband and daughter are members but she won't commit to baptism. Super nice people though and we will keep working hard because she says "the time will eventually come". She is super funny abd even if we have already eaten lunch she will not allow us to pass by without eating something else and claims that noodles and bread aren't enough and that I need to eat more rice haha. I do eat rice no problem but I rarely eat it at the house when I cook.
Sunday we went with some members on a split which I was a little intimidated by for some reason even though I've done it in the past and I was way younger in the mission. One of the guys came with me and he's leaving on
his mission in a few days and he was a great speaker and teacher. Sister Vicky Joy was also with us and she's a super nice girl and good at helping too. Everything went well though I was just a little worried about my leading skills but no problem :) 
Those are some BIG string beans!

We also had interviews with President Aquino this week and I gave him some of the Thompson's Smokehouse Jerky you sent because I heard he loves Jerky from the US :) Thank you for that package by the way and those scriptures. I am going to give those to that preparing missionary that came with me yesterday because he said he doesn't have nice scriptures. The Jerky was delicious too!

#1 - what made you laugh 'this week? I had my umbrella in my arm pit and I turned around to pay a trike driver and the muddy end of the umbrella smeared on Elder Alpon haha I ended up doing the same thing later in the day which made it even funnier.
#2 - what was your most exciting mission experience this week? Nothing too exciting but the split was a good experience.
#3 - Do you have any leadership responsibilities these days? I don't. Regular missionary lang.
#4 - how is it only having Filipino housemates now? Do you have to speak Ilonggo all the time? I speak ilonggo and english sometimes too. One of them is a good english speaker and they can all kind of understand English anyway.
#5 - What are your currently studying? Book of Mormon. I'm studying 3rd Nephi. 
Have a great week! Love you all! Michael

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