Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week #66 - The Lord Needs Valiant Servants!

November 15, 2015
Kamusta Family! Thanks for the pictures--I love seeing the snow! It looks like it was a pretty warm and wet storm. I loved seeing my truck tucked away in the corner of the garage. I can't wait to drive it again!
This week was much better than my first week in Tangalan. We were able to do some good work and talk to a lot of people as well which I felt like I really improved on this week. Tuesday was zone meeting and then when we came home my companion lost his wallet so we spent some time looking for that but didn't find it so that sucks. Got out to work though and hiked up this hill and into the jungle to some members who are surprisingly active in the church. People who live close to the church have no reason not to be going to church! They gave us some bananas and then we hiked up out of the jungle and visited a less active family and had a good lesson with them. 

We walked to the moon and back this week hitting appointments along the w
ay. Friday we went to see a man who we met, but we ended up talking to his wife instead. She accepted an invitation to come to church. I don't think that has ever happened with anyone on my mission the first time I have met them and she ended up coming with us on Sundayso that was awesome. We found a lot of members in an area called Tagas who are less active or inactive but it was surprising how many members there actually are there. The other days we met some nice people and also taught this lady named....well we call her Nanay Francisco :) you'll see the picture of her working on a fabrice weaving machine. She is very nice lady! She is not a member, but all of her children are members.
We covered a lot of ground this week and met a ton of people! I have met many people on my mission that don't come to church anymore because someone at some point in time offended them. I guess that's common everywhere, but still it's a big challenge trying to help people to overcome hurt feelings. It frustrates me how hard headed people can be :) Tigas ang ulo nila (they are stubborn). We pray a lot for guidance to say the right things and to invite the spirit that we can help these people overcome their hurt feelings and come back to church.

So that was are week! We are in Kalibo this morning. We played basketball and ran laps and stuff. It feels so good to relax and read emails on Mondays :) I look forward to hearing from my family and friends. It makes my day! Thanks so much to everyone who writes me emails and letters. Please know how much I appreciate you all!

Love Elder Rasmussen 

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