Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #63 Keep Calm and Missionary On!

October 26, 2015 - 9 Months to Go!!! Woo Hoo!!

Well that is an interesting week you had Mom thanks for all the details! You are 100% right! I was kind of shaking my head reading about your horse selling and buying adventures haha but I'm glad you and Hayley have something that you enjoy just like dad and I have motorcycles :) I'm kinda sad to see Nacho go--I know how much you loved him--I still can't believe you sold him, but I'm glad he got a good home. Good luck in the search for your new horse(s).

To tell you about my week I would say we had a good one this week. It was unbearably hot but through the sweat and heat we were able to have some good lessons with some great people. On lady named Sharon we taught and she called herself a "bible baptist". She is a very nice lady. We taught her about baptism and invited her to come to church but like a lot of women here her husband doesn't think religion is too important. Another family we had been teaching told us we no longer can teach them. Pretty sure they had been reproved by the church they had just joined recently and they told them to get away from the Mormons.

Not sure why but almost every one of our investigators are women. We only have one who is a man and his name is Joel and we teach his family. They are very nice people but very busy all the time so its hard to contact them. They live right next to the street and that makes it hard to teach because of all the noisy bikes and tricycles going by. Its a whole lot of fun when things like that happen during a lesson :) 

In Magubilan we are teaching about 6 different women. The men are so hard to teach because they just aren't available during the day out working and always busy so the only men that actually can listen are the old grandpa's (tatays). We taught a lesson with 4 investigators who are women and then 2 members who are also women. The lesson was great and I invited them to baptism after reading out of the Book of Mormon in Tagalog which I'm not the best at but surprisingly they understood me! My companion and I are trying to be better at inviting people to baptism sooner than later.
We went to a farewell for 2 guys heading out on their missions and it reminded me of when I left for my mission. Time has just gone by so quick. I gave one of them the scriptures you sent me and he was really happy about that. They will both be really good missionaries! They are so much more prepared to head out and start teaching people than I was. That's for sure!

Today is HOT and HUMID. I think a storm is coming in (I hope so) because it rained a little this morning. We will hopefully have an FHE tonight with the Buriel Family but still waiting for them to txt us so we will see.

Hey hold your horses on chastising me for not sending a letter with my BYU application essays. LOL You don't know yet if there's another on the way! ;) I'm glad that one made it though because I forgot to make copies of it so if It got lost I would have to write them all over again!

Here's answers to your questions:  

#1 What was your biggest challenge this week? Just teaching and trying to invite the spirit while doing so :)
#2 What was your biggest success this week? I love it when people really think about baptism and why its important because they ask a lot of questions. Had that 2 times this week. 
#3 What made you laugh this week? This lady we were talking to while she was cooking fish was kind of funny she said she wanted to gossip with us when we asked her if we could teach her. She fed us some of her fish too that was good. 
#4 Do you have a goal set for the coming week? Tell me about it. Not really just a lot of practice teaching and reading PMG. I want to get better at asking questions. 
#5 Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week? I read in Ether when Jesus appeared to the brother of Jared because of his great faith. He couldnt be kept from seeing God because his faith was so strong. 
#6 What are you looking forward to this coming week? Just a normal week nothing coming up lately. Looking forward to teaching good lessons :)

Love you lots Mom and Dad! Have a great week! Love, Elder Rasmussen

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