Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week #67 - “Nothing is More Honorable Than A Grateful Heart”

November 23, 2015

Hey Mom and Dad! Happy Thanksgiving this week! Boy I miss eating some turkey and pumpkin pie. Eat some for me!

That was so cool that you got together with the other Iloilo parents. I was wondering when you would finally get together. Elders Seeds, Kellerstrass and Craythorne and I have all talked about it too and laughed about the friendships going on back at home just because of our mission. I look forward to meeting them all in the future. 

I can't believe you bought another non-rideable horse haha what has gotten into you? LOL They are cute though and I'm glad it makes you happy and you have something fun to do :)

We might go to Jawili falls next week. It's a really popular tourist spot here in Tangalan. I saw some pictures of it. The market here does have a lot of Coca Cola signs on it but everything in the Philippines has coke logos on it. But I'm sure it's probably the same place you saw.

We had a really great week and met some awesome new people. One of these girls we met named Cherry Jane came to church yesterday and we were way excited about that. She is super smart and we are hoping she will progress and be baptized next month. Her parents sell fireworks at their house and we watched the Tatay set off a big bottle rocket which was pretty cool. It's New years time again here - I can't believe how fast the year went. We met 2 families who were awesome the first time we met with then, but then the 2nd time when the dude saw us he ran away. That sucks haha I've seen that happen a few times in my mission and its always completely obvious. Oh well. It happnes. Nanay F. also gave us a hard time while teaching her this week. She stressed me out a little and it is frustrating, but we like to visit her and her family they are very kind people.

We did a service project at a member's house which was whacking down weeds in a garden area so they can plant saging (bananas). They killed a duck and cooked it for us and also gave us big coconuts to drink. They are way nice people.

We met a guy named Vaugn who has a calling in the Stake and goes to church at the Tangalan branch. He lives on Boracay. He's pretty good at English and we have fun working with him. He has permission from President Aquino to stay with us in our apartment when he comes over from Boracay to attend church. So when he came over on Saturday night he brought us a pizza from Kalibo. So that was really cool of him. On Sunday after church he and 2 girls who are preparing for missions came teaching with us and we visited some members and also found another new investigator.

Here's the answers to your questions:

#1 - What was your biggest success this week? Inviting 2 people to baptism and one of them came to church!
#2 - Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines? NO. That's 110% USA  :)
#3 - What made you laugh this week? This Nanay we teach likes to jabber and we both have no idea what she is even saying so we both just started cracking up about that.
#4 - Tell us about your companion. How's that going? Elder Stevens is 20 and from Hawaii, so he is only my 2nd American companion. He went to School at BYU and was on the football team so he's obviously a really good football player. He's a good comp and we are doing great together.
#5 - Are you walking a lot more in this area instead of riding trikes or is it pretty much the same? We walk most of the time here. The transportation is really expensive since it's close to Boracay (Island vacation resort).

This morning I did some running as usual around the church and Elder S. and I threw the football around for a bit. We ate at a place called Mang Inasal and now we are here emailing!   So that was pretty much the extent of our week!

Love and miss you all! 

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