Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week #68 Our Daily Discipleship Will Determine Our Eternal Destiny

November 30, 2015

Thanks for the pictures Mom and Dad! Great job on the Christmas lights Dad, but I don't think Clark Griswold would be too jealous! lol <kidding> Everything looks great! Good job on the tree Mom. That picture is funny! Time really has gone by so much faster than last year went. I can't believe it's already Christmas time in America...

The cold weather sounds nice but we actually enjoyed the warm weather here at the beach this morning. We stayed in a place called Buruanga last night and had dinner at a member's house there and this morning we hiked through a jungle to get to this secluded beach and it was way nice with white sand.  We got to do lots of tide pooling and found some really interesting creatures. I'll send lots of pictures. I also got to see Boracay Island which I have heard about since I got here in the Philippines but we only saw it from our island. Lots of foreigners!

This week was great. We met some really awesome people and had some great lessons with them. Once specific lesson was with our investigator named Jane. I met her sister who is younger than her (13) and she told me how she as well wants to listen and go to church. I was a little bit hesitant to start teaching another younger girl but they are both very smart and are very interested. They also invited their friends, both girls who ended up being geniuses as well, and we had an awesome lesson with all 4 of them. That was the funnest part of this week as far as work goes. Jane and her sister (Rhea May) also came to church and are reading the Book of Mormon.

We found another family who are very polite and kind to us and interested in the message. They have the name of Lorenzo and there are 5 of them. I saw their house from the side of the highway and thought "what the heck, I'm going to talk to those people in that house." They ended up being some of the kindest people I have met on my mission and easily welcomed us into their house. That made me happy since we had talked to several people during the day and been rejected by most of them, including a few set appointments, so meeting the Lorenzo's brightened an otherwise pretty dismal day of missionary work. 

On Thursday we had a zone meeting in Roxas. So we got up really early around 3 AM and loaded up in a van and made the long trek to Roxas City. It was great to  be back in Roxas for a day and hear the Ilonggo again! I even had a hard time not using the simple Tagalog words like "dito" "saan" and the different pronouns. It was great to see Elder Alpon again and a lot of other people from Roxas zone.
Well, that was my week! I got my Christmas package thanks for sending that! Love and miss you all lots!

Love Elder Rasmussen 

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