Monday, December 28, 2015

Week #71 “Come Unto Christ and Be Perfected in Him…” Moroni 10:32

December 28, 2015

Hi Mom and Dad - It was so great to Skype with you! I did a lot better this time with not feeling droopy afterwards. Things just seemed to move on as usual so that's good! Only one more Skype to go and then I'll be home before you know it.

I hate to say it, but I don't feel bad for you at all with how cold it is there. Haha I've complained about the heat here so that's all I'm going to say about that :)

Here are some pics from our baptism on Christmas Day and the party with the Tangalan Branch. It was a pretty awesome day! Filipinos know how to party well! Ward/Branch parties here go on for HOURS! LOL

The last few days have been good. We got fed every night at the Cuales family because they had a wedding this weekend so they had lots of leftover pig. I can say that I'm finally tired of eating pig! I've had it for about 1 week strait now. Brother Gary who is married one of the Cuales' daughters fed us yesterday because they are going home to Las Vegas today. They are way cool people. Things aren't really working out with the Australian guy we were teaching, which is kind of a bummer because it was really fun to teach him in English, but that's ok. We ended up walking all the way home from their house last night because there were no vans on the road so by the time we got home it didn't take long for me to hit the bed and fall asleep, but I guess that's how most nights go! Today we have an FHE so we will just do our shopping after email and then head back home.

Sorry this email is kind of boring. After talking with you so much just 2 days ago I can't think of much else to tell you. I haven't gotten any of the cards or letters yet for Christmas. They'll probably end up getting here all at the same time since things take so long to get through the office. But that's ok. I'll still enjoy reading them. 
Have a great week! Love Elder Rasmussen

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