Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week #72 Let Us Be Faithful in Keeping The Commandments

January 4, 2016

Elder Dansalan and Elder Rasmussen
Hi Mom and Dad! Happy New Year! I did have a good week this week and it went by quick even though it was transfers. We spent some time in a different area in Tangalan this week looking for new people to teach and we found a few but they ended up not really working out. New Years here is always a crazy time and totally sucks for missionary work haha. Elder Stevens and I worked up until Wednesday night when we got a text that he would be transferring which we were expecting. He said goodbye to some members then ate at Nanay Antarans's house for dinner. As usual time seems to slow way down on transfer days haha it was kind of sad saying goodbye to Elder Stevens since we had had a lot of fun the last few weeks. I have learned important things from each of my companions, and Elder Steven's is very easy-going and laid back and never stressed about time or money, and they are two things I stress about too much! So I learned from him to relax more. :) We weren't able to get any work done transfer day except some things in the house but I mostly just read up until about 5 p.m. when our new comps came up from Iloilo (me and an elder from Ibajay). My new companion's name is Elder Dansalan. I knew him from Guimaras and he flew in with us to Iloilo in 2014 so I laughed when I heard it was him! He's not very good at speaking English, but he's way nice and we've adjusted quick to being companions. The rest of the week went very smoothly. We got to teach the Australian guy again and Elder Dansalan was intimidated so he had to speak English, but when he taught he did a great job and the Spirit was so strong!! Sunday was way cool also! Our recent convert bore her testimony in sacrament. I challenged her and told that if I bore my testimony, then she could do it too and she did. She did a great job and we were so proud to see her up there.

By-the-way, I forgot to tell you about New Years Eve. We went to the beach to watch fireworks going on in Kalibo and that was pretty cool even though it was far away but there was a ton of them! It feels great to finally be in 2016 :) There were lot's of drunks the next day so the work wasn't the best but we still were able to visit members. I'm going to Iloilo later today for the District Leader meeting and Elder Kellerstrass is coming too, so that will be fun to hang out with him.
Have a great week! I love you!
Love Elder Rasmussen

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