Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #73 'Get On Your Knees and Pray, Then Get On Your Feet and Work"

January 11, 2016

Hi Mom and Dad -This week was alright but I was feeling a little bit trunky, so that had things dragging a bit for me. We went to Iloilo on Monday Night for Zone Meeting. That was a good 3.75 hr bus ride. They played Fast and Furious 7 on the bus *again*, and it was the fifth time I've seen that movie on my mission haha. Zone meeting the next day was pretty good and they did a good job with it. It was all centered on goal setting, which I could really improve on. I'm feeling re-inspired, so hopefully I'll improve on that. We went to SM after that because my comp needed to get some new shoes. We ate at a new burger place there which was the most american like burger I've had in a long while, well besides Mcdonalds. HAHA  The burgers were huge. One of the other Elders did the burger challenge and devoured the burger in like 2 min but couldn't get past the mountain of fries! That was fun to watch!
We finally got home after being away for a few days. It's always kind of challenging to get back into the groove after traveling but we were still able to teach a few people that night. We looked a lot for more people to teach this week and we ended up finding more less active/inactive members in the process. I learned this week my companion really doesn't enjoy walking haha and I love to walk. I've always walked with my companions everywhere but he doesn't enjoy it too much, which is hard since taking transportation a lot gets really expensive, so I try my best to discourage that. So we did do a lot of walking this week and I think his feet hurt since his shoes aren't the greatest. Mom, would you do me a favor and in my next package send some of those comfy insoles your can buy (like Dr. Scholls?) I think maybe if he had those that maybe it would really help him. Thanks Mom!

We found a lady named "Dichee" (that's how its pronounced) who is a member and we were always told she lives in a certain area but we never could find her there, so we went looking for her house and she was way up deep into the mountain.  We also visited and shared a message with her which I think she really appreciated because its only her at her house with her two dogs. They reminded me of Izzabelly fuzzy pants and that made me miss our puppies back home. In the process of looking for her we found a cool area to work in as well and found this one home that had these parakeets so I got some pictures for you Mom. They are cute little birds.
An RM named Carter Peterson visited Tangalan this week and he ended up coming out teaching with us. It's always fun to visit with former missionaries and ask them where the worked and how they did things. We got a lot of talking in with him while we worked. He came with us to Kalibo this morning on his way to the bus terminal to head back to Iloilo. The festival thing here is going on right now called the Ati Atihan so there's all kinds of crazy traffic in the city so we had to walk a ways this morning to get to the computer store, but we made it.
That's pretty much the week! Love you and miss you! Love Elder Rasmussen

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