Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #76 - Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard

February 1, 2016

Hey Mom and Dad! 

Wow that is just not fair how much snow there is! I miss snowboarding and playing around on the wheeler and snowmobiles. It makes me homesick to see all the snow, but that's ok. It's going to make me really appreciate it when I'm home next winter!

I was thinking Morgan would be back soon that just seems unreal how fast her mission was! Mine is going fast too though. Only 6 more months! That is really hard to believe.

This member here named Vaughn bought a brand new iPhone 6 and I felt totally clueless trying to use it! There's so much new technology that has come out while I've been gone that I don't know about. Holy cow, I'm going to have a lot of catch up to do. haha

I know my house doesn't look all that nice in the pictures and it really isn't that nice compared to American standards, but truthfully its way nicer than lots of the houses here. We get around fine in it since all we do is sleep study there. I will miss this place a lot I know. Nevertheless I miss home like crazy and am way excited for my turn to come home :) Mom, I can tell by how much detail you gave me about your new horse that you're excited about him! ;) It makes me happy you found something that makes you happy! That's pretty cool he's got Kentucky Derby winner blood in him hopefully he'll be a winner for you! He really once sold for $35,000? That's a really amazing story and so cool you can find all that out from a lip tattoo! 

To tell you about this week mine was really slow, at least it seemed that way. Since last Tuesday it has rained for 5 straight days and that made things really slow down. A couple of highlights about the week was we had a couple of members work with us and one of our investigators has a baptismal date for this month and he came to church! He's a super shy kid but such a nice guy. His name is Lawrance. This week I felt kind of awkward talking to people because we seemed to get rejected a lot this week and no one wanted to talk to us. That's the worst :)

This girl we visited is really cool her name is Marian and she is interested and wants to go to church but her parents are being stubborn about it. We got a text from her saying her parents were apparently mad at her because we've been visiting even though we cleared it with them the day before so I guess there's some kind of misunderstanding going on. Just another thing not to get down about but it can be challenging at times!

Another positive thing that happened was that my companion and I had fun in the work regardless of the crappy stuff going on. I asked him to speak full Tagalog to me because I want to learn it before I go home. He is a native Tagalog speaker, but because he's been speaking Ilonggo and Karaya all year he struggles to teach in Tagalog haha but he's been helping me learn a lot and the Tagalog is starting to click more. That is one of the challenges of this mission is all the different languages and my brain needing to switch back and forth depending on who I'm talking with, but it's also really cool to learn all the different languages.

Last night we had  2 Elders (Elder Dacutan and Bombita) stay at our house for the zone activity today. Nanay Antaran always gets way excited when other missionaries stay with us and she is all about feeding us dinner. She loves the missionaries! 

The zone activity today was at Jawili Beach and it was cool mostly because we get to see the other missionaries. But that's why I'm late emailing today.Have a fantastic week! Love and miss you! Love Elder Rasmussen 

Service Project Day

Tangalan LDS Church

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