Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #75 - “Pollinate the world with the pure love of Christ” M. Russell Ballard

January 24, 2016

Hey Mom good to hear you are feeling better now! I've had a runny nose and phlegmmy throat and so has my companion but luckily mine isn't as bad as his.

I feel like this week was a very productive week!
On Monday we got rejected by a few people, but that night we went to a less active member's home and had a really good visit with them. So that ended the day on a good note!
Tuesday I taught district meeting again and also got some letters from Uncle Rob and Grandma so tell them I say thank you for sending those~! I went on a split with our zone leader Elder Nuttall in his area in New Washington which is also where Elder Kellerstrass is, so that was fun! We did some really good work and I learned a lot teaching with Elder Nuttall and got to know him a little better. We talked to a lot of people and this week has been one of the most talkative in my mission. I knew a few people from Tangalan which was a big coincidence to find a guy I know pretty well in one of the houses we visited.
Here are the pics of where I lived that I've promised for the past 2 months! haha I know it looks a little rough to your standards, but it's actually a really nice house. One of the nicest I've lived in here. Besides, all we do is sleep and study there and the rest of the time we are out working.
By-the-way, I know nobody really cares but I feel like including the fact that I ate a lot of veggies this week! haha I haven't been able to do for a long time--fresh vegetables have been in short supply lately. I think eating healthy has helped me get over being sick really fast thank goodness! :)
Yesterday we had a member come with us and she was awesome and had a few referrals for us which ended up working out very good! One of her friends we visited and I felt really bad for her because she started crying out of nowhere when we asked her about her family. It's a sad situation. Its only her and her parents and the parents always fight she said. That was sad but she was a really nice girl and hopefully the parents will listen to us and we can improve help make their home life happier.

Saturday we had a guy named Roy work with us and I love Roy because hes a really nice guy and he's from Negros so he speaks Ilonggo/Hiligaynon and that's always so nice to hear! Hiligaynon is the best and that's all I have to say about that and I love those people! Sunday was a day of visiting a guy named James who is paralyzed and bed ridden so he always appreciates the visits. We also visited Chery Jane our recent convert and also a few new investigators we met, one of whom was very thankful that we gave her a Book of Mormon to read! Nanay Antaran of course fed us twice today which we love because eating at her house is awesome and its nice to have meals prepared that are so good! :) She is really a wonderful lady. Its raining today so the temperature is nice. It's been super dry here the last few weeks so the rain is needed. Well, that's about it! Love you all! Elder Rasmussen

My Bed

Front Room

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