Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week #78 “Pollinate the world with the pure love of Christ” M. Russell Ballard

February 15, 2016
Hi Mom and Dad!
Thanks mom for taking the flowers to Maddie for Valentines for me :) She said she was really happy so mission accomplished! Your trip to Lava Hot Springs sounds like a lot of fun. You two have been all party ever since I have left! Always traveling and going places. I hope we can still party when I get back!
My finger is all messed up so hopefully I can type haha
The funnest thing that happened this week was being able to go on a split with Elder Mudrow who is my batchmate in Numancia. He is a funny guy and great to work with so we had fun working together. I did 7 baptism interviews so that's why I was with him. A Missionary from their had just come home from Seattle, Washington, so that was cool to get to meet and talk with him. He spoke just like a kano. Then the same day we dropped off a sister missionary at the airport who was on her way to LA. Crazy to think about the change that will happen for them. Elder Mudrow is way good with people and kids which I envy :) I learned a lot from him and we talked a lot which feels good since it can be hard to talk to the Filipino Elders for a long time.

I had some drama to deal with this week when a stupid member edited a text that I sent them and tried to make it look like Elder Lopez and I were flirting with her and she sent it to her boyfriend. No kidding! It caused all kinds of drama and my companion got mad thinking I had really sent it and put his name on it. <sheesh!> I hate drama so much! It was really ridiculous, but things worked out and all is well again, but dang it really bothered me so it was hard not to be annoyed for a few days. When things are going along super well, just watch out because Satan is always hard at work trying to ruin everything!
Zone conference was good even though I struggled to keep my eyes open at times since I was super tired and sleepy for some reason. We did get to stay in a really nice house in Kalibo Sunday night which had hot showers and air conditioning!! It was heaven getting to sleep in A/C for a change. I didn't get to appreciate the hot shower however, since it's too stinken hot to shower in anything but cold water. LOL Oh and I got the package you sent THANK YOU so much for everything you sent Mom and for always spoiling me. I had no idea there were cookies in the potato chip tube! I thought they were just chips so I havn't looked in there. Now I'm way excited. The package apparently got left it in the hot truck though since some of the chocolate melted, but it's still edible, so no worries ;)

We also had 5 investigators at church last Sunday and 4 of them will be baptized in March if things work out the way they should. They are all cool people and have good members to fellowship. 
Well, that's about all for this week! I Love and miss you tons! Elder Rasmussen

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