Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week #79 “Today’s Trial is Tomorrow’s Testimony”

February 22, 2016
I met this woman - she will be 100 years old in May!
Hey Mom and Dad! It's been a good week in Tangalan! My birthday was pretty fun. I got to eat dinner on Tuesday night at a member' home who's little boy also had a birthday the same day. They cooked some really authentic Filipino foods and it was a fun time!

We had a really good week with the work and had fun along the way as well. Now that I'm trying to type about it all though I seriously cannot remember too much about what we did except visit our investigators! haha Who are really progressing and doing great by-the-way. We're excited about that. Wednesday was probably the most challenging day last week where we worked in the hot sun tracting all day long and nobody was home so we had lots of rejection but we did get to talk to a lot of people. In the evening we have our lessons with Sister B and Brother L and during both of them we had members with us, which helps the lesson to flow better. Sister B is a really cool lady. She has changed a lot in her life since we've met her, like abandoning a really bad coffee addiction and not saying "dios ko" anymore (taking the Lord's name in vain). She has been so happy and willing to follow the  commandments. L has made lots of changes in his life as well. On the other side of town we teach sister K and Sister A and they are really cool too. They have been working with us and aren't t even members of the church yet. They are really funny girls and they too are making some really good changes to bring their lives more in line with what God wants :)
Birthday Boys!
Birthday Dinner

Here's the answers to your questions Mom:
#1 - What made you laugh this week? Some dude ate crap on his bike in front of us and everyone was laughing at him. Don't worry Mom...he was ok and was happy he gave everyone a good laugh.
#2 - What was your best experience this week? We had one day where we didn't get rejected one time the whole day! All of our appointments we scheduled were home and the lessons turned out great. It was a good day!
#3 - What was your favorite meal this week? We ate at McDonalds on my birthday and then the birthday party with the members. So that was a perty good day of food :)
#4 - What was your favorite scripture or scripture story you studied this week? First Nephi - I just started re-reading the Book of Mormon again.
#5 - How come you guys don't ride bikes in your mission? I'm not sure, no one has ever said. But just guessing it could be that lots of the Filipino Elders don't know how to ride and most areas have enough transportation to get around if we need. I'd think too that we travel a lot off the beaten path which riding a bike would be difficult. There is an area on Guimaras where Elder Seeds was serving and they ride bikes, but that's the only area in the mission I know of that has bikes.

I've been helping Elder Dansalan with learning English which has been fun. That gives us something else to do during studies when we have extra time. He has also been helping me to learn more Tagalog. On Saturday we had a Valentines party. All of our investigators came which is just awesome! There were some visitors from Taiwan in church on Sunday. An American guy with his wife from Taiwan and their kids. I felt a little awkward talking to them IDK what happened haha but maybe I was just nervous to talk to another foreigner. Me thinks coming home might be an adjustment... lol.

That's about it this week! Thanks again for everything. Love and miss you all lots.

Love Elder Rasmussen 

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